Top 10 Best Seductive Perfumes For Men Reviews

When it comes to selecting perfume both men and women are particularly choosey.  While it is a common perception that women prefer light and sweet fragrances and men prefer stronger and darker ones, it will be safe to say that such orders can be changed.  Preference is a subjective matter and be it men or women, categorization does not help.  A good perfume is one that will leave its trail even long after the first spray. It should be able to attract the senses of people when you enter a room. It characterizes you and your statement. Now let’s go through a list of perfumes available to men.




Manufactured by the house of Nautica, this perfume for men is almost fresh, airy and has an aquatic feel to it. Its long lasting trail will keep you enchanted for hours and make you smell good throughout the day. It weighs approximately one pound. The packaging is sleek and sophisticated and the perfume itself comes in a clarifying crystal blue color. Amber apple, green leaf, water lotus, cedar wood are few of the many ingredients used to make this one of the most Seductive Perfumes For Men. Longevity is one quality that Nautica Voyage delivers. A highly recommended product by customers.




A great addition by the hose of Mont Blanc, this perfume brings you the deep masculine fragrance that is both modern and timeless and has a mysterious note to it. Combined with four different notes from the top down to the trail, it leaves a scent that is clean, hearty and unforgettable. Tonka bans, sandal wood and woody floral are few of the fragrance notes that you will experience with this perfume. It is masculine, strong and has a depth to it. Comes in a solid black and silver color bottle, it is highly recommended as a Seductive Perfume for casual use.




From the house of Jean Paul Gaultier for Men and Women, comes the new edition of Gaultier 2.

A cologne that will leave you sensing dark amber and vanilla, is a must buy. It is seductive, dark, and mysterious and at the same time has the sweet enchanting vanilla fragrance that will leave you wanting for more. The top notes are of dark amber and then leaves a trail of classic vanilla. It lasts long, for many hours setting the tone for the final mystery. The bottle is sleek and sophisticated and the packaging is simple yet elaborate, making it a very Seductive Perfume.




The house of Mont Blanc for Men brings you an exceptional fragrance that leaves a sense of musk, Ginger, mint and amber. It releases an aroma of freshly grounded coffee, with a mix of fresh mandarin and aromatic lavender. It is sweet yet dark and keeps you going for hours at a stretch. It is best for personal use and not much of a gifting option since the packaging is kept quite simple and plain and even has the word tester printed on it. Sometimes it may even come without a bottle cap therefore not making it preferable for gifting purposes. Nonetheless it is one of the most Seductive Perfumes For Men and a great purchase.




Guess brings you a unique perfume with notes of cashmere wood, citrus caviar, oak, moss and black pepper.  A good, clean, airy smell that lasts long. The perfume itself is a beautiful color of blue. The name says it all. It is seductive indeed and even though has a clean fragrance to it; it is definitely mysterious and almost makes it hard for you to catch the ingredients, which makes it all the more interesting. The house of Guess has always been a bearer of high quality perfumes that are desired by all making it an extremely Seductive Perfume.




The name itself brings out the power and performance of this exquisite, one of the most Seductive Perfumes For Men.  It is light and airy, bringing out a clean yet masculine fragrance. This cologne is a must buy preferably to be used during daytime purposes. Check out the beautiful packaging details that come in a soothing blue and white color. It is simple and makes the most of its look when a beautiful curvaceous perfume bottle. A must buy for those who want a refreshing fragrance added to their collection.




The name says it all.  Inspired by Pitbull, it embodies his style, charisma, confidence and magnetic quality.  The top notes ooze out the fragrance of bergamot, mandarin, sage and cardamom. The midnotes have an unexpected twist of woods and verbena. The base note is of Tonka beans, musk and amber. The overall fragrance is strong, dark, and masculine and also has a rich earthy undertone to it. A long lasting perfume that will keep your company wanting more.  Preferably to be worn during the evening to make the mystery going. A Seductive Perfume that will please your masculine side.




Boss soul from the house of Hugo Boss, brings in this edition that is rated as one of the most Seductive Perfumes For Men. It has enchanting notes that leaves a long trail of action. The top notes are of anise, bergamot, black pepper, cardamom, the middle notes of coriander seeds and lavender, and base notes of amber, musk, Tonka bean and vanilla. The fragrance is a spicy, masculine and the packaging is dark and sophisticated with inspiration from the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. It weighs approximately 0.8 ounces and is definitely a great buy.




This unique blend has been brought by Guy Laroche for Men. This 100ml bottle consists of the ingredients of lavender, citrus, spicy berries and sandalwood. It is recommended for casual wear and this light and refreshing perfume will keep you fresh and clean throughout the day. Even though introduced back in the year of 1982, it is sexy and has a certain level of class to it that is almost undeniable. A great purchase that will keep you satisfied and wanting for me. The blend of ingredients is smooth and each follow up is clean and strong yet understated making it a very Seductive Perfume.

1.Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme



This perfume is exquisite, enchanting, and mysterious and leaves a long lasting trail of a beautiful fragrance that will keep you going throughout the day. The smell is fresh, vibrant yet has a dark feel to it that is unavoidable. The packaging is almost artistic and comes in a rich brown and black blend making it a perfect gifting option and also great for personal use. Add this Seductive Perfume to your collection and make yourself the proud owner of this creation.

The fragrance and quality of every one these products are unique. Growth of the online e-commerce platform has raised the quality standards of the manufacturers. Moreover with such renowned brands available and the competitive pricing they maintain; men would sure want to do some shopping!

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