Top 10 Best Refrigerator Water Filters Reviews

Water filtration is necessary to remove the presence of chemicals and microorganism which remains in the water. Have you ever tested the water, you use daily at home, to identify the level of contaminants present in it. If you haven’t tested yet, you should do it, to know whether the water you drink is safe from contaminants or not. Now there are refrigerator filters available which can remove these elements from drinking water. You must look for a refrigerator which can filter water in several stages and make sure it can filter thousand gallons of water before replacing. You can purchase refrigerator filter through retail website and the cost of such filters depends on the model of the refrigerator.

10. General electric MWF refrigerator water filter




GE has introduced an improved version of  the MWF refrigerator water filter for those who are looking to drink tastier and healthier water at home. The product can reduce contaminants like benzene, lead, mercury, carbofuran and giardia, making it safe and affordable way to drink water safely at home. The product is fully interchangeable with GWE installations and certified up to 300 gallons. It makes changing filters easy and you never have to worry about installing the filter upside down. You can install them in either direction. The NSF certified water filter is available with 30 day warranty.

9. Whirlpool PUR push button side by side refrigerator water filter




The whirlpool push button water filter is designed to reduce cyst, particulates, lead and mercury. It will purify the water and ice in your refrigerator. The water filter can be used in whirlpool, kitchen aid, Amana, Maytag and JennAir side by side refrigerators. The filter lowers the taste and odor of chlorine, giving you a clean and fresh tasting water always to drink at home. You must replace the water filter every 6 months to ensure getting clean and safe water and ice. Your refrigerator will remind you when to change the filter.

8. Maytag UKF8001 Pur refrigerator water filter



The NSF certified model water filter can reduce cysts, lead, mercury and reducing the chlorine taste and odour from the water. It effectively removes all the contaminants from water and ice by retaining beneficial fluoride. To get high quality of water and ice, you must replace it every 12 months. Your refrigerator will remind you to change the filter by turning on the indicator light found near to the water dispenser. You can change the filter by your own. Just twist and turn the old filter, it will become loose and pull the old filter out by replacing it by new filter.

7. Samsung Da29-00020b refrigerator water filter



The Samsung refrigerator water filter uses revolutionized technology for filtering water. It removes most of the impurities from the water by keeping minerals such as fluoride which beneficial for your health. The carbon water filter by Cuno gives you clean and tastier water and ice to be used at home. It removes harmful contaminants such as dirt, rust, chlorine and other particles. The filtration process of the filter involves passing water from the exterior surface to the middle of the cartridge. It removes 99% of contaminant present in the water.

6. Samsung DA29 00003G Aqua pure plus refrigerator water filter



The water filter is tested and certified by NSF International and the filter can reduce cyst, lead, mercury, chlorine taste and odour from water and ice. The product uses high grade carbon block to remove 99% of contaminants from water. The water filter is suitable for refrigerators with a short round filter. The replacement filter can provide you fresh tasting water from your side by side door refrigerator. To get the best result you must replace the filter every six months. They are high resistant over disinfectants such as chlorine, heavy metals and chemicals.

5. Whirlpool 4396710P Kitchen aid PUR push button cyst reducing side by side refrigerator water filter



The NSF certified water filter can be used  to reduce cysts, mercury, lead, asbestos and other contaminants from water and ice in your refrigerator. The filter can retain beneficial fluoride in water and it is powerful enough to reduce chlorine taste from water. The filter remains fit for whirlpool and kitchen aid side by side refrigerator with filter in the base grille. To get high quality of water you must change the filter every 6 months. This model of filter can be used to replace for the water filter model 4396711.

4. GE MWF smart water compatible water filter cartridge



The GE water filter for refrigerator is affordable and will cost you less to clean contaminated particles from water and ice. After purifying the water and by removing chemicals and contaminants, the water will taste clean and sweet. The branded filter removes chlorine and other chemicals from the water by keeping beneficial minerals. You can install it simply in your refrigerator and takes less than a minute. You can purchase the replacement filters through online sites. Clear instructions are given on the pack to install easily the filter in your refrigerator at home.

3. Frigidaire ULTRAWF refrigerator water filter



The ULTRAWF water filter can be used to remove contaminants such as chlorine, lead, Styrene, TTHM, carbofuran, asbestos and other main particles. This filter can be used to replace part number 242017800 and A0094E28261. The top mounted cylindrical filter offers a flow rate 0.5 gallons per minute. You can use the filter for 6 months and after that you must replace the filter to get clear and tasty water. The filter is effective enough to remove 99.8% chlorine, particulates and contaminants.

2. Whirlpool 4396508 KitchenAid Maytag side by side refrigerator water filter




The filter is specially designed to reduce class II particulates, lead, mercury and chlorine. By replacing the water filter you can drink fresh tasty water. The filter can be replaced in whirlpool, kitchen aid, Maytag side by side refrigerators. Change the filter after 6 months to get high quality of water and ice. You can change the filter by your own with your own, turn the filter one quarter, remove and replace it with a new filter. The NSF certified water filter can reduce the chlorine taste.

1. Maytag UKF8001P PUR refrigerator Cyst water filter 2 pack



The NSF certified water filter can be used in Maytag and Jenn-Air refrigerators with filter access. You will get 2 filters and it can reduce cyst, mercury, lead, particulates and asbestos. The filter can transform your water into premium quality and after 12 months you must replace it. It lowers the taste and odour of chlorine making water tastier for drinking. Your refrigerator will remind you to change the filter and replace the old filter with a new one.

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