Top 10 Best Radar Detector Reviews

Over speeding is a very strange offense. It is not always voluntary. Often you just are enjoying the open road without realizing that you have crossed the speed limit. It is not a bad law. Driving too fast can be very dangerous both for the driver and others. But sometimes your speed is just slightly over the limit and you have to pay fine for it. That sort of thing can be very frustrating. If you want to avoid such a fine, you can buy a radar detector. Actually the police use a device called radar that uses a laser to determine the speed of a vehicle. A radar detector can tell you if your vehicle is under the scan. If it is, you will get a warning and then you can lower the speed to avoid the fine. In you order to do this, you need to find the best radar detector. Here is a list of the top rated radar detectors. You can buy the one you like the most. Fit it in your vehicle and never worry about a speed gun.

10. Cobra ESD7570



This device can detect any type of laser or radar. It has a 360° detection, which means that the police can be detected from any direction. It gives both audio and visual warning to the driver if vehicle is being scanned by radar or laser. Its volume can be very easily controlled. You can even mute it if you want. This device detects all frequencies used by law enforcement agencies of USA and Canada. So, you will be safe in both these countries. You can select highway or city operating mode to get an accurate result every time. This radar detector is small, light and easy to use.

9. Whistler XTR-1309


This radar detector comes equipped with many amazing features. It protects you from radar, laser, VG2 and a lot more. It has a very bright display that allows you to see everything clearly even in broad daylight. In highway mode, this device will pick up even the slightest signals and warn you about it. But in city mode, the minor signals are neglected to avoid interference from other signals like automated door openers. Only the powerful signals used by the police are reported to you. Both visual and audio warning is given to the driver. Controls of this device are really simple and easy to understand.

8. Escort Passport 9500ix8buynow

This device protects you from all bands in all directions. It can detect any type of signal and has different warnings for different signals. Its display will show what the threat is and the audio will tell the same too. The most interesting feature of this device is its Auto Learn software. Using GPS, it can warn you about all the locations where there is maximum probability of a speed camera. It actually stores all such locations and tell you about them when you are close. You can update its software for even better performance. Brightness of the display has five options. It also has an audio jack port.

7. Cobra XRS9370



The super fast circuitry of this device gives you a faster response. It can detect even the fastest speed guns from a longer distance. It detects 14 bands to make sure that you do not get into any trouble. It can even detect the devices used by police to detect radar detectors. The device gives you a warning about any radar, laser, spectre and even VG2. You can drive without any worries with this in your car. Police are using better speed guns to beat radar detecting systems, but this device is faster than them.

6. Whistler CR906buynow

This device gives you information about any radar or laser scanners pointed on your vehicle so you can get your speed under the limit and avoid any trouble. It has 3 city modes and one highway mode. It is to avoid false alarms. Filters can be used to detect particular type of signals. It has an audio jack if you want the warning directly in your ears.

5. Cobra XRS94705


It has a great audio and visual alert system that warns you about any signal. Its voice will tell you what type of signal is detected so you can take necessary precautions. It can detect 14 different bands including radar, laser and safety. It even warns you about Spectre I/IV+ and VG2. Every band used in USA and Canada is detectable by it. Even the band that is used in Europe and soon might come to USA can be detected. It has a bright display that gives you all the information. This device comes with an easy installation kit along with the user manual, which makes it very simple to use.

4. Whistler XTR-3354


This radar detector has real voice alert rather than just a warning siren that tells you that a threat has been detected. This makes it really easy to understand what you need to do to avoid any trouble. Otherwise, you first have to determine what the siren means and only then take the action. It provides 360 degree protection against laser and radar signals of all bands. Its easy to read display tells about the activated mode, type of signal detected and power of detected signal on the scale of 0 to 9.

3. Uniden LRD4503buynow

This device detects radar, laser and all other types of signals. You are alerted as soon as signal is detected. You get both audio and visual warning. This radar detector saves your last settings even if it is disconnected from power, so you do not need to customize it every time. It is quite light in weight and small in size.

2. Foto4easy radar detector2buynow

The most interesting feature of this radar detector is that it looks like a Range Rover SUV. Besides that it is a very simple detector. It detects all types of signals and warns you about it. The in-built GPS gives you some additional information that can be very useful in some situations. It even tells you about the speed limit of the road you are currently driving on. It uses real voice and has the option of English and Russian language. Also, it is very cheap. It is the best radar detector for those with low budget.

1. Cobra XRS96701


This device can detect 15 bands, which is higher than any other device in the market. The digital display tells you what type of signal is detected and also gives you its strength on the scale of 0 to 5. It has three modes for city and one for highway. With its advanced software, it can eliminate the chance of a false alarm to a great extent.

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