Top 10 Best Pet Urine Detectors Reviews

Animal lovers are quiet attentive when it comes to their pet’s well being and are even more attentive when there is urine and pet stain involved. Now most of our pets leave behind a trail of dirt and urine that is mostly left on the rugs or carpets or on top of soft furnishings. Most of the time these are invisible to the naked eye and make the room dirty and leaves odor. Therefore to help you in this case and provide you with a complete solution to find your pets dirty hiding spots, urine and odor detector machines are being made available. Here are the reviews of such ten devices to make your purchase decision simpler.





This is a unique device that pet keepers will love. This flashlight back-light will spot all the dried urine and stains that your dog or cat has been leaving around. Emits a 395nm wavelength with 12 top quality ultraviolet led lights for the perfect pet urine detection. Three high quality Duracell batteries are included for it to work smoothly and last long. This ultra violet light works best in dark environments. The darker, the better. It is cheap and a small device and easily can be carried along anywhere. Gone are the days when spotting stains and urine was a day’s work. With this unique pet urine detector device make your work easier and cleaner.






This pet urine detector is a machine that will come in handy to all who have pets. It’s difficult and sometimes almost impossible to spot your pets favorite dirty spots but with the help of this, things can be done in a jiffy. The UV light detection makes it easy to spot such hidden places and clean up the mess. With an added bonus you can also detect pet odor with this device. It has been included with 3AAA batteries for future convenience. It guarantees all the health and safety standards and provides you with a clean and odorless home.





Cats are beautiful but messy at the same time and in order to save yourself from the pain of hunting down cat urine, this unique cat urine smell detector will make things easier for you. It is a complete set that comes packed a powerful UV 21 LED back light flashlight with three high drain alkaline batteries, UV glasses with a yellow tint and a quick guide to give you a head start about all the process. This kit can actually be even used to clean hotel rooms and even bathrooms. The casing is strong and durable making it long lasting. A must have product if of are tired of urine hunting.


7. PEEDAR 2.0



buynowNow this amazing device with the help of UV light makes invisible urine glow! Odor in urine can make an entire house stink and definitely not pleasing to guests. It comes with a two year guarantee and with 3AAA batteries for powerful long lasting action. The dried urine crystal absorbs some of the UV light that in turn makes them glow. Therefore rather than cleaning the entire carpet or area you can simply remove the stain and clean up. It has 21 LED’s to make the stains glow brighter. Make this device your helping hand when it comes to cleaning pet stains.




buynowWondering how to clean cat urine and dog stains? Then this device is your ultimate answer. Small urine stains on rugs, carpets and other furnishings are difficult to find with the naked eye. Therefore to make your work easier, this professional urine detector is here to help you. It has a strong wide beam that makes it easier for you to find out these places and clean them up. This UV light works better in a darker room but you must be careful not to shine the torch on yourself or at someone else. Gift yourself a stain free home and enjoy with your pets without the odor.




buynowIf you are tired of the odor in urine caused by your dogs and cats then this is the way to go. Purchase this unique device that makes your pets urine glow and works best in a dark room. No need to hire professionals to clean up your pets mess. This urine detector is small, portable and will illuminate the stain spot with the help of this UV light. It runs on 3AAA batteries which are however not included along with the packaging. The beam is wide and strong and serves its very purpose off detection. A great buy if you are in need of one.



6 buynowIt has been one of the best sellers in pet detection machines and definitely worth a buy if you’re having urine and stain problems. His pet urine detector comes with a UV light that makes the invisible stain visible to the naked eye, and definitely works much better in darker rooms. It Contains fifty one UV LED’s to cover visibility over larger areas, compared typical back light. Torches are made up of Air-craft Grade Aluminum Alloy Body with Anti-abrasive Anodizing Surface Treatment that gives it a strong, sturdy look and durability. Get this pet urine detector and keep your home stain free.





This pet urine detector is a high-end, cutting-edge, Black light with LED’s – 365-370nm and illuminates pet stains most effectively. Its ultra low visible emission ensures that the stain is displayed and not the entire surface. The spread of light is even that makes the visibility clear and more improved. It comes with a two year guarantee and therefore makes it long lasting. It is tough, water resistant and portable. Carry it along with you for effective stain removals.



9 buynowInstalled with powerful UV led lights that allow you to save time and comfortably reveal source of pet odor & hidden urine spots. No more cleaners or enzymes and steam methods required to clean furnishings. With the help of this unique device you will know exactly how to clean cat urine. It comes with a sturdy aluminum casing that makes it durable and tough. Runs on 3AAA batteries that are however not included. Nonetheless a great but if you are having a hard time in detecting such stains.



buynowThis cutting edge high tech machine with 51 LED flashlights, gives a brighter and larger visible area so that it becomes easier for you to detect cat urine smell and stains and dog urine as well. Emits a 395 nanometer wavelength that provides a larger coverage area. Perfect when it comes to rodent contamination or urine and stain detection. Made of aluminum rings to give it longer durability and a tough look. It is small and comes in handy wherever you are traveling. Even though the batteries are not included it still is a good purchase when it comes to urine detection machines.


Now you can safely remove all that dirt and stain and odor that has been causing so much trouble. These machines are small, durable, portable and definitely serve the purpose of purchase. Make your home dirt and odor free and continue the love for God’s furry creatures.







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