Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes Reviews In 2016

Mountain bikes are for all those like to mix adventure with pleasure. Those who like to have adventure and still enjoy the beauty of it are the ones who do mountain biking. This is imperative for a mountain biker that he or she has a good gear and that definitely includes a good mountain bike. Here is a review to assist you in buying the best and cheap mountain bikes.

10. 26″ Wheel Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike, Black



This is one of the best mountain bikes on sale and is designed especially for the ease of riding due to its steel mountain frame. The wide gear range that has been made possible because of the 3- piece mountain crank is really a great help while riding on the mountains which are steep and need a lot of efforts in going uphill. The linear pull breaks are great as far as stopping with force is the concern. The gear shift is smooth because of SRAM drive twist shifters. The control is good due to 26” wheel and strong rim.

9. 26″ Granite Peak Women’s Mountain Bike, Magenta-Roadmaster-R4047WMCDB



This mountain bike is one of the cheap mountain bikes for sale with steel mountain frame geometry. Wide gear range and 18 speeds shift with alloy wheels. This bike has best mountain bike wheels which also makes it the best mountain bikes for the money. The great looks and durability of this bike makes it one of the best cheap mountain bikes. Also if you are a beginner then you must opt for this bike because it is one of the best mountain bikes for the beginners.

8. Diamondback Bicycles Sorrento Hard Tail Complete Mountain Bike



This is one of the best mountain bikes under 1000. This bike comes in a range from $224 to $999. This is one of the great mountain bikes for sale as it is a good deal for money. Diamondback is one of the best mountain bike brands and is sure to give you the best of all the mountain bikes. If you look at all the bikes then this is a good cheap mountain bikes.

7. Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike (26-Inch Wheels)



The aluminum dual suspension makes the bike light yet sturdy with 24 speed gear shift and EF-50 trigger shifters. MTB handlebars are the best mountain bike handlebars. The pro max front disc brakes gives you powerful breaking with control the best mountain bike wheels can be found in this bike which also makes it the best mountain bike for the money. This comes from one of the best mountain bike brands available online. The mountain bike review has placed this bike on the fourth position and is best buy through your computer.

6. Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle (29-Inch)



Aluminum frame suspension for comfort and performance with bump free ride due to element suspension fork, easy and smooth gear shifts alloy wheel and disc breaks for front and rear wheel makes it the steal for the money and one of the best mountain bikes under $ 500. You can find cheap mountain bikes for sale walmart but this one is available in nz, perth, Philippines. You could also find discount mountain bikes uk. This is also one of the best mountain bikes under $ 300.

5. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bicycle, Matte Black, 29-Inch



This black bike from schwinn is sure to steal your heart with its aluminum suspension element suspension fork, 21 speed shimano, SRAM gear shifters and alloy wheel with quick release front and front and rear disc brakes. This bike is also under $300 and bears stunning looks. This is available in discount mountain bike sale and is a steal deal. This great mountain bike is available for sale and also online.

4. Cyclamatic Power Plus Electric Mountain Bike with Lithium-Ion Battery



This bike is unique in itself as it run on a lithium ion battery that has 30 mile range. It operates in three different modes and has the mountain bike frame for ease of handling and riding. It includes a battery charger too. It can be delivered to the address in 2-4 days. This bike is one of the best buys. This mountain bike is one of the best quality mountain bikes. This is one of the best mountain bikes under $1000.

3. New 26″ Folding Mountain Bike Foldable Bicycle 6 SP Speed Shimano



This brand new black color bike is available on discount and has 26” wheels with folding frame and steel fork. The handle bar is adjustable and seat post is adjustable too for comfortable bike ride for all. The 6 speed shifter and derailleur makes riding on mountain non fussy and easy. This bike can be folded with ease in just 15 seconds.

2. GMC Topkick Dual Suspension Mountain Bike



This 21 speed mountain bike offers a great strong aluminum frame with full suspension. The suspension has elastomeric or spring technology. strong aluminum wheelset with v-shape rim technology and high flange alloy hubs along with front and rear promax disk brakes makes the ride easy and comfortable even on the mountains.

1. Mongoose Women’s Status 2.2 Full Suspension Bicycle (26-Inch Wheels), Matte Purple, 16-Inch



This pink lady is just for the tough and stylish woman that you are. The 21 speed shift makes it the best bike with linear pull breaks for great breaking power and control. The alloy wheels are sturdy and aluminum full suspension frame gives it durability.

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