Top 10 Best Motorcycle Brands In The World

All of us have a unique relationship with our vehicles. They are lot more than just getting from one place to another. Thus, it is very important to find the right vehicle. And the first step towards reaching that goal is selecting the best brand. Here we are talking about motorcycles. The top ten best motorcycle brands in the world are listed below. They have been ranked on the basis of performance, handling, convenience and durability. Hopefully, you will find the ranking accurate and the list helpful. We will start from rank ten and move towards one.

10. Harley-Davidson Motor Company


Harley-Davidson Inc, or HDI, is an American brand known around the world for its heavy weight motorcycles. It was founded in 1977 as a small scale company and did not have much credibility in the market. But then, it improved the quality and became the first choice of many riders. Its bikes are built for comfort and luxury, rather than speed. Though most of its bikes have very big engines, so higher speeds can be achieved.

9. Moto Guzzi


This is an Italian brand that was established in 1921. It is one of the oldest European motorcycle brands. Moto Guzzi is not recognized by general population, but the core of riders knows the brand for its highly advanced bikes. It is well known for its air cooled 90° V-twin engine and the longitudinal orientation of crankshaft.

8. Aprilia


Presently, this brand is well associated with high end motorcycles. But a few years ago, it only produced scooters and small capacity bikes. Aprilia is owned by Piaggio, an Italian company. It was founded as a bicycle manufacturing company after the end of Second World War. The brand has successfully produced some really amazing sports bikes like the V4 RSV4 and the V-twin RSV Mille. Its high performance motorcycles can also be seen in Moto GP races.

7. Triumph Motor Company


This is a British company that produces cars and motorcycles. It was founded in 1885 as a bicycle company. It started exporting bicycles worldwide. At that time, it was named after its founder S. Bettmann. The name was changed to Triumph in 1897 and in 1902, they started the production of cars and motorcycles too. The brand is now owned by BMW. Its motorcycles have a good balance of performance and quality. It produces bikes for people with different lifestyles.

6. Honda Motor Company


Honda is a well recognized name in the international market. You can see its vehicles in almost every country in the world. It was established in 1959 and is producing wide range of products ever since. Besides high end motorcycles, it also produces scooters, all terrain vehicles, tillers, lawnmowers and a lot more. It produces motorcycles with different specifications to cover the riders with different styles and requirements. The most popular series of Hondo is CBR.

5. Suzuki Motor Corporation


This is a Japanese brand that is very well-known for its motorcycles, cars and ATVs. Suzuki’s motorbikes are both high performance and comfortable to ride, which is not seen in many brands. One of its most popular motorcycles is Hayabuza, which is loved by riders all over the world. The company currently has production units in 23 countries.

4. Yamaha Motor Company


Yamaha is another popular brand that originated from Japan. Its motorcycles are known for their amazing aerodynamic designs that give you high performance. The motorbikes might not be very comfortable, but you will not complain about the speed. One of the main reasons of Yamaha’s success is its ability to adapt according to the local market. That’s why, it has been able to establish so rapidly in the international market.

3. Ducati


It is a very popular Italian motorcycle brand. Ducati’s motorbikes are designed only for speed. It has produced some of the fastest bikes in the market. Its vehicles are considered to be a little hard for long rides due to its uncomfortable riding position. However, when it comes to performance, Ducati has no match. It is currently owned by the German automotive company Audi.

2. BMW


This is another German brand that is very popular in the international market. It also produces luxury cars and engines. BMW’s motorcycles are well-known for high performance and fuel efficiency. The company does not have too many models to offer, but the ones produced by it are all good. BMW also owns the most luxurious car brand Rolls-Royce.

1. Kawasaki


At the top of our list is Kawasaki. This motorcycle company was established in 1949. It produces high performance motorbikes and has won several world championships. Besides that, it also produces engines, personal watercrafts and utility vehicles under the name Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

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