Top 10 Best Laptop Locks Reviews

Nowadays, laptop is not a new thing to our life. But it plays more and more important roles concerning our lives, works, and our business. They are so powerful that we can even not leave them. Thus, keep it safe from stealing is extremely important to protect our privacy as well as our property. To buy a good quality laptop lock is great option to do so. Today we will share you with this deeply researched review list to help you find out the best one for yourself.

10. Ruban 6.2 Foot Universal Security Cable For Notebook Laptop PC



This laptop lock comes with 6.2 high quality and durable cable as well as 4 dial combination lock for the best security purpose. It works fine for most digital device and the merchant also provide 18 months warranty for your convenience. It is also easy to install and with unique theft deterrent design, your device will be quite safe.

9. Kensington K64673AM Combination Laptop Lock



This is top selling product we can find on the market. It comes with super strong lockhead and unique design that you can operate it with one hand. Its 4 dial combination panel allows you choose from huge amount of possible combinations.

8. Sendt Black Notebook / Laptop Combination Lock Security Cable



This black themed laptop lock provides best security to your computer. Its cable is around 6 foot long. And the 4 dial combination panel give your better secure options. It works great for many digital media devices, such as projectors, LCD, notebook and so on.

7. Kensington 64068F Micro Saver Keyed Laptop Lock For Business



This is quite easy to use laptop lock that you can count on. Its cable is 6 foot long and made of high quality steel for best quality and security. You can use it for multiple devices such as laptop, monitors, projectors and so on.

6. Kensington K64613WW Desk Mount Cable Anchor



Another product from Kensington. It is easy to use without searching anchor point a lot. The overall design is quite modern which can fit for your modern office décor. Its cable adopts extremely strong material to protect your locker from cutting.

5. Dell Premium Laptop Keyed Computer Lock Xhc2x



This product has been widely supported by its customer, which is 6 foot long and works best for Dell notebook as well as other hardwares. Its cut-resistant material protect your device from stealing. And it is also quite easy to install and use.

4. Laptop Cable Lock – 6ft Cable – 2 Keys – Notebook & Computer Security Anti-Theft PC Locking Kit



This is a universal laptop lock that can support most laptops or notebooks. Its cable is 6 feet long and you will get 2 keys for losing backup. The high quality material used in this lock will ensure the best performance of anti-theft.

3. Kensington K64670US Portable Combination Laptop Lock – Black



This is another different style laptop lock from Kensington. It is quite easy to use and you can handle this lock by one hand. It comes with 4 dial lockhead to ensure best security of your device.

2. Targus Defcon CCL Notebook/Laptop Coiled Cable Lock (PA410U)



High quality and stylish will be the best words to give this product. And another amazing point of this lock is its price. By its cheap price, it is really fantastic that you can get the premium and durable quality of this product.

1. Anti-Theft Cable Chain Lock Security For Laptop PC Notebook



This is high quality and durable protector for your laptop. It is silver themed and comes with 2 keys for more choices when key lost. Its high quality material enables your laptop or notebook secure when you are not beside them.

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