Top 10 Best Lap Desk Reviews

Laptops are great devices in terms of portability. They offer almost same power as the desktops and are much smaller and lighter. You can take them and use them at any place you want. The best part is that these devices allow you to bring your work home very easily. Now you have a simple way giving all the essential data to a client during a meeting. There are several other benefits like this.

Although a laptop is made to be used on the lap, it is not always the best idea. The heat coming out of the laptop does not feel very good on your lap. It also does not let the device to cool properly which affects its functions. In this position, your neck is bent downwards and in the long run it can be very bad for your health. And as your arms do not get a place to rest, you get tired very quickly. There are a few other issues with this too. So, you need an alternative to this if you work on your laptop for long hours.

If you often or always work from home, having a lap desk can be of great help. It is a small table to keep your laptop while you are sitting on floor or sofa or even bed. Earlier there just used to be a simple platform with legs to support it. Having such a desk will solve all the issues you might be facing. However, the modern desks come equipped with different items like cooling pad, lights, etc. In order to find the best lap desk, you should definitely take a look at all the popular products in the market. Reviews of the best desks are given below.

10. SlateGo Mobile Lap Desk – Travel Size Lap Desk



This is a very simple lap desk with just a solid platform and no legs. It is just a thick sheet made of bamboo with many bog holes in it. You need to keep it on your lap and then the laptop on top of it. Most of the heat gets released through the holes and the rest is absorbed by bamboo. It is enough big for laptops of 17 inches in screen size.

9. Sofia + Sam Deluxe Memory Foam Lap Desk with Light



This desk also sits on your lap with laptop on top of it, but it is much better and comfortable. It has a hard platform slightly tilted to one side with wide memory foam at the bottom. It even has a small light that can be powered by the USB port of laptop. You can use it for reading and writing as well.

8. Slate Mobile LapDesk – The Essential Lap Desk



This desk made of natural bamboo is just a thick sheet with holes in it. All the heat your laptop generates gets easily released. It also has extra space on the side for a mouse, with a mouse pad already installed. There is an extended display dock for your phone or table on it too. Many different types of tables are supported by it.

7. LapGear XL Laptop Lap Desk



It is a specially designed desk that ensures a continuous airflow in order to keep your device as well as your lap cooler. There are soft pads at the bottom that keep your lap comfortable. There is enough space for your laptop and a mouse. You get a good place to rest your arms while working on it. Mouse pads are installed on both sides.

6. LapGear Media Lap Desk Exec for laptops and tablets



This is a quite elaborate desk that has both a hard wooden top and a soft padded bottom. The desk can be used for a laptop as well as a tablet. It has a dock that supports most of the common tablet models. There are arm rests on both sides and a mouse pad installed on the right.

5. LapGear MyDesk Black



This is a simple and cheap desk made of durable material. It is made for all sorts of purposes like reading and writing and can be used with laptop as well. There are soft pads at the bottom to keep you comfortable. The special air design keeps your laptop cooler. There are two trays on it to keep your phone or pen. The built-in handle makes it easy to carry.

4. LapGear Designer Series 300 Lap desk Damask



It is a stylish and designer desk with a hard top and a soft bottom. It has a handle that allows you to carry it easily. There are elastic steps on three sides to hold accessories.

3. Sofia + Sam Lap Desk with Memory Foam Cushion



It has an angled hard top that makes easy to work for long hours. The memory foam at the bottom makes the desk very comfortable. It has enough space for a laptop up to 17 inches in screen size. There is an arm rest to support your arms while you are typing.

2. LapGear Student Lap Desk



This desk has a simple design with a tilted hard top that gives you 15 x 12 inches of work space. It is very light in weight and thus does not fatigue your legs. The memory foam pads make it even more comfortable.

1. LapGear MyDesk Purple



It has a very simple tilted top and a foamed bottom for comfort. There are two small trays to hold your stuff.

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