Top 10 Best Label Maker Reviews In 2016

You would be amazed to know that most of the sales of a product happen through the labels. A label is a repository of information about the product. If the label is not proper, then even a good product could end up having low sales.

Labels have to be accurate and attractive. It should give clear information of the price and quality of the product along with any shipping information where required.

With so many products, it is difficult to make labels manually for each of the products. Label makers make it easy and uniform to print labels in bulk. It can save you time and energy by automated printing of labels.

Label makers come with various functions and in various sizes. It can be categorized by the label types they print, keyboard type, handheld or desktop device, etc.

The below list helps you choose the best depending on your requirement. Here is the list of top 10 best label makers, which are the best sellers in the market.

10) DYMO LetraTag LT-100T Plus Personal Hand-Held Label Maker

LetraTag Plus LT-100T is from the stable of DYMO who is one of the leading Label Makers in the Industry. It is a portable label maker for personal home use. You can have the onscreen view of the text before you print on its graphical display. The Keyboard is easy to operate with quick shortcuts to features like font sizes, text size, date stamping, etc.

This Handheld device has 2-line printing with 5 different font sizes, 7 print styles, and 3 language options. You can print the labels in plastic, metallic, magnetic varieties. It needs no ink or toner for thermal printing.

9) DymoLetraTag Plus LT-100H Personal Label Maker

This model from Dymo is more advanced that its earlier model. It has twice the size of the display from the earlier one and offers graphical on-screen editor for editing fonts and styles.

It has all the features from the previous model with additional features to make it much more compelling.

8) Brother P-touch Home and Office Labeler:

It is suitable for both home & office use. As the name implies its one-touch interface helps in the quick editing of fonts, patterns, and frames.

The device has 8 inbuilt professional fonts and uses “Tze” laminated tapes. Its graphical display makes you see how your label will look. It is easy to operate and also provides pre-designed labels. If you need more variety, you can customize labels to suit your taste.

7) DYMO LabelManager Plug N Play Label Maker

This is a plug and use model from DYMO. There is no software to install or no setups to run. You can quickly create varieties of labels in various formats, including text, barcode labels, graphics with date and serial numbers.

This model uses easy to peel tape and requires no toner or ink for thermal printing. This portable device runs on lithium-ion batteries and lasts long. You can recharge quickly with USB adapter. You can create sharp labels both in color as well as in white.

6) Brother QL-700 High-speed, Professional Label Printer

If you are cost conscious, then this device could be your best choice. It is a cost-effective label maker which makes labels with papers for packages, envelopes, folders, discs, etc.

It is very fast and can print up to 93 labels per minute. The inbuilt auto cutter gives the labels a professional look. It is easy to set up, and you can use P-touch editor software for advanced creation of labels with barcode, etc. You can even print from MS word/excel/outlook.

5) Brother Printer PTD600 PC Connectible Label Maker

Brother PTD600 model has a full-color graphical display. You can use this device as a stand-alone or by connecting to a computer for advanced functionality.

It supports high-resolution printing with sharp graphics, barcode, and logos. Its speed of printing is exceptional and with automatic cutter inbuilt, you can automate the entire process of label making once the design is approved. It can print labels with multiple lines and 8 different font sizes using durable easy to peel tapes.

4) Epson LabelWorks LW-300 Label Maker

Epson is known for its printers, and its label maker shows the same kind of built and advancement. It is unique by offering 14 different font varieties, 10 styles and more than 300 symbols.

It has a huge memory built in which can store up to 30 files. It has less wastage since it features almost 62% less margin in comparison with others.

3) Brother P-Touch PT-D210 Label Maker

This model is similar to Epson LW-300 from the stable of Brother Label Makers. It allows easy access to fonts and symbols. It provides 14 variety fonts, 97 frames, and 600+ symbols.

You can use it as the portable or desktop device. It is easy to customize with it’s 27 easy to use templates. The water-resistant Tze tapes are an added advantage for brother label makers.

2) DYMO LabelManager 160 Hand-Held Label Maker

This model is very user-friendly. Its qwerty keyboard makes typing a breeze. You can also edit with one-touch formatting keys and create professional labels within no time.

It is compact and can be used anywhere. Even though it has just 6 font sizes, 8 text styles and only around 200 symbols, its portability and ease of use make it very appealing.

1) DYMO LabelManager 280 Rechargeable Hand-Held Label Maker

This is the portable label maker that comes with rechargeable battery pack and helps you cut down battery cost. Its large screen makes labeling very easy. You can create vinyl & nylon labels with the widest range of colors.

You can also create customized labels with graphics; barcodes using DYMO label software very easily. It prints almost 50% faster than its predecessors. It uses easy-peel D1 tape and has more than 200 symbols and images with 6 different font sizes and 7 styles. This is one of the best products that you can get for labeling.

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