Top 10 Best Korean Movie In The World

The art sees no boundaries. This has been proven again by the Korean film industry. The films have started to attract people from all over the world. The Korean films have become technically advanced now and cater to the needs of all kinds of audiences such as those who love to watch comedy, horror, action, drama, romance or anything that can come to your mind. The newer generation in Korea has started to flock the movie theatres which show these new age Korean cinema. Due to innovation and new technology, Korean cinema has gained name and fame worldwide.

1.The target


This action thriller is the best movie of the Korean cinema. It is actually a remake of the French thriller “The Point Blank.”  This film is technically sound and the effects are breathtaking. The storyline is crisp and keeps the audience entertained throughout the movie. The engaging plot of the film continues throughout the film up to the climax. There is no sloppy part in the film and all the aspects of the film have been carefully delivered.

  1. The Attorney


The Attorney is a must watch. This Korean film has a great plot and interesting turns in the story. The plot is so gripping that audience cannot wait for the next scene. The film has garnered acclaim from the audience as well as the critics. This realistic film has omitted drama and still is liked by everyone in Korea due to its story, direction, and acting.

  1. Koala


This film named Koala was introduced during the Seoul film festival and got accolades for all the creativity and imagination that has been put into the making of this film. The well written script of the film engages the audience to the core and is fun to watch. The emotions are depicted to the extent that the audience feels connected with the film and remain excited throughout.

  1. Tazza 2


This is an amazing Korean movie which has managed to secure a place for itself in the best movies of the world. This movie is based on the life of gamblers. Tazza 2 is a sequel to Tazza and has been made really well. It tells about how the gamblers are motivated for gambling and the difficulties they encounter thereafter. The direction is crisp and story is catchy and offers an insight into the world of gambling.

  1. New world


Based on the life of a criminal, this film has managed to grab attention from a large section of the audience. Those who love action and thrill are sure to love this movie. This film has been directed by Hoon Park who also happens to be the script writer. There are plots which keep the viewers engaged and wanting for more. This film is a must watch and recommended to those who like films based on criminals or criminal activities.

  1. The Berlin File


This spy thriller is sure to give you goose bumps because of the way the plots take a turn in this movie. The Berlin File is an action thriller which caters to the audience who are interested in watching these kind of movies. There are also a few elements of drama and romance in this film which is a great package for the new generation who do not want to see sluggish and sad movies.

  1. No Breathing


This movie is an amazing piece of art which has most of its portions shot in the USA. This film has very popular actors from the Korean film industry. Also, a few foreign well-known actors acted in this movie. This is a thriller and has the capability of engaging the audience and keeping them on the edge of their seats throughout the movie. This movie will appeal to all audiences and especially the younger generation.

  1. Nobody’s Daughter Haewon


This film encases the culture and the priority to the family which is the very essential part of the Korean culture. This film is about a young woman and the hardships she goes through in her life. This is a drama and has high emotional quotient. This film has won accolades from not only the audiences but also from the critics all over the world. This film has been directed by Hong Sang-Soo, and is a total entertainment throughout the length of the movie.

  1. Oldboy


Oldboy is a revenge drama and has been made to thrill the audience to the core. This is about a person who was kept locked up for 15 years and is then set free. This movie is about a man trying to solve a mystery behind him getting locked up. This film has won at the Cannes film festival and is a landmark in the history of Korean cinema. The storyline is engaging and the direction is crisp.

  1. Man on the edge


Man on the edge is a comedy movie and while watching this movie, you are sure to laugh your heart out. This movie is about a wannabe gangster failing miserably.  During his attempts of becoming a gangster, he gets caught in some hilarious circumstances. His misery becomes your laughter tonic.

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