Top 10 Best Knitting Needle Organizers Reviews

Knitting is done in every household. In leisure time, our mom and grand mom used to make beautiful creations by their beautiful knitting processes. Time is changed now, but the craze of these knitting processes is almost same like before. Knitting can be done by interlocking yarn with knitting needles or by machine. But machine mainly used for business purpose, in household knitting, is done by various types of knitting needles and other important tools. But keeping organise these several needles is very much important because each needle is important for a beautiful craft. So, you must have a knitting needle organizer. In the market, there are several types of needle organizer you can get.

10. MassMall Knitting Accessory Kit Basic Tool Set & Plastic Clear Color Tool Case



This is an awesome clear plastic knitting needle organizer cum toolkit. In this, you can get almost every necessary tool for knitting. It has some outstanding features in it; these are following:

  • Brand new package with high-quality plastic box and almost all knitting tools you needed.
  • It can be idle for gifting purpose to your friends and family.
  • Its weight is 0.3 ounces.
  • In this beautiful package, you can get total 158pc knitting tools. Like 120 * random coloured knitting crochet markers, 20 * markets of split ring, 2 * knit count, 4 * knitting needle protector, 2 * knitting needles of U-shape and 3 * V-shaped. And also various sewing tools.

So, you can see, this is really a useful product. If you like this, you can definitely order this for you or for your friend who like knitting.

9. Knitters Pride Combination Knitting Needle Organizer



This is a very beautiful and well-designed knitting needle organizer that is a must have item if you are a craft, lover. You explore its various features as following:

  •  When it is closed its size is 26.5 x 15.5 cm and in the open condition its size is 47.5 x 26.5 cm.
  •  The exterior of this organiser is made of polyester, and the interior is made of cotton.
  •  There are separate rooms for double point needle and circulars.
  • Several pockets for storing knitting notions, and other important accessories.
  • As per customer review, this product gets 5 out of 5 stars.

So, as per the features of this beautiful and well equipped knitting kit organizer you can understand its popularity. If you like it, then you can order it today.

8. Stanwood Needlecraft Knitting Needle Case Holder



This product is very colourful as well as brilliantly designed to manage all the tools of knitting. The design is very much up to date. You can explore its various features from here:

  • This product is totally handcrafted with outstanding craftsmanship.
  • The case is made of cotton and comes with Velcro stapes.
  • Various sized 14 pockets for storing different needles.
  • It also fits double point needles of 5”-9”.
  • This awesome knitting needle organizer can be easily foldable. You can fold it as a roll.

So, if you want to buy this beautifully crafted knitting kit organizer then you can easily order it.

7.Circular Knitting Needle Case – Circular Needle Organizer Reviews:



This is a very useful and multipurpose use knitting needle organizer. It is made of the soft cotton material. If you want to explore more features about this organizer you can get from below:

  •  It is compatible with various types of circular knitting needles.
  •  Very brilliantly crafted to store various types tools.
  • This case will help you to store 9”, 12”, 16”, 24”, 30”, 40” and 60” sizes circular needles easily.
  • It is consists of 15 different pouches to hold your knitting tools in a secure way.

If you like this beautiful pouch, then you can easily order it. It will give your knitting tools a much organised look.

6. ArtBin Hook & Needle Nook-Periwinkle



This is a handy and smart knitting needle organizer. It will give your tools a very good and well-equipped place to store. You can easily find your desired tool anytime. Features are as following:

  • To store crochet hooks and needles, you can get separate blocks in this box.
  •  This is made of high-quality plastics.
  •  It will fit properly in other needlecraft products.
  • Very useful for gifting purpose.

If you want a compact organiser for your knitting tools, then you should definitely go for this product.

5. Knitting Needle Case Organizer Bag for Straight & Circular Needles



When it is about knitting tools, then you must have to organise it properly. Otherwise when you need any particular item, you cannot find it. Explore about this knitting needle organizer and know its features mentioned below:

  •  This is a lovely handmade case. This is useful for storing your different tools in one place.
  • Measures 11.25” in length and 15” in height when opened.
  • It includes 8 slots for straight needles, 4 slots of large needles up to 14” and other 4 slots for shorter ones.
  • It has 6 slots of circular needles.
  • It has several zipper pockets to store crochet hooks and accessories.

The design is very beautiful for storing you knitting tools and very much appropriate for gifting purpose.

4.Knitters Pride Combination Knitting Needle Organizer – Violet Dream



This coloured brocade knitting kit organiser is very much attractive and very much well equipped in nature. You can get multiple storing capacities in this beautiful bag. You can explore its features as following:

  • The material of exterior is brocade and interior is cotton.
  • Vibrant colour and up to date styling.
  • Separate rooms for double ended needles, circulars and interchangeable.
  •  It has separate pockets for hooks and other important accessories.

This attractive needle organiser is perfect for gifting, and you can easily order in online.

3.McCall’s Patterns M6256 Project Tote, Organizer



This is a very beautifully crafted designer knitting needle organizer, and it comes from the house of McCall’s Patterns. It is divided into small parts for different tools. The design is really innovative. If you want to know about its features you should read the below portion:

  • Item Dimensions: 6.5 x 0.2 x 8.4 inches ; 1.9 ounces.
  • Shipping Weight: 5 ounces.
  • ASIN:  B004OA78HK.
  •  Item model number: M6256OSZ.
  •  Comes with separate holders for needles, yarn, hooks, and other important materials.

If you want to buy this, you can easily order it with hassle free process. This can be outstanding gift item too.

2. Knitters Travel Case Holds up to 15 Knitting Needles Zippered Case



If you want a compact needle holder for your knitting needles then this one this perfect for you. It has several colour varieties also. The features of this beautiful product are as following:

  •  It is a nice knitting needle organizer that is 15” long and 6” wide.
  • It is perfect for travel time. You can easily carry it when you are going anywhere.
  • You can choose one from various colour choices.
  • You can carry up to 15 knitting needles easily.
  • The weight of this product is 7.2 ounces.

You can order this compact travel knitting kit organiser if you like it.

1. Ostart 22pcs Mixed Aluminum Handle Crochet Hook Knitting Knit Needle Weave Yarn Set



This is a beautiful pack of various crochet hooks and knit needles set with a beautiful box. In this box, you will get a full pack of knitting set. Other features of this box you can get from below:

  •  It consists 10 aluminum needles, 12pcs silvered needles, and one case.
  • 10 Aluminium Crochet Hooks of several sizes 2-6.5mm. 15cm in length.
  •  It consists of 12 silvered needles. With approx 12 cm size.
  •  A must have item for yourself and a beautiful gift item for your friends and family.

You should order it today if you like the product and its features. This toolkit worth its price.

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