Top 10 Best Kids’ Bikes Reviews In 2016

Learning to ride a bike is the biggest milestone for your kid after she starts walking. To make this experience the best for her you will have to select the right bike for her. The most important thing to consider is safety. Bike is a very simple machine but it can still hurt your precious angel. Besides that it should also be stylish, comfortable, easy to ride and suitable size. Keeping all these things in mind, a list of the best kid bikes is given below. The list also contains the reviews for each one of these bikes. It will help you take the right decision.

10. RoyalBaby BMX Style Kids Bike



It is a sport bike suitable for both boys and girls. You can choose between three different sizes and five colors. It comes preinstalled a bell, training wheels and a water bottle stand. You also get a bottle that fits perfectly and its tools. The bike has a quick release seat post that will help you teach your kid to ride without the training wheels. Seat height can be adjusted very easily when your child gets taller. Price of this bike is very cheap for all the amazing features.

9. Dynacraft Magna Major Damage



This is a big boy’s bike with 16 inch wheels. It comes with a handlebar pad to keep your kid safe. The full glass finish along with the yellow and black color makes it really stylish. That is the reason why it is one of the best children’s bikes. The training wheels can be easily adjusted according to your kid’s needs. It is also quite affordable.

8. Dynacraft Magna Gravel Blaster



It is a very cool bike with gloss finish and an amazing color. Your kid will love it instantly. It is very safe and comfortable. The small 12 inch tires have a wider base, which provides an easy balance. Its frame and fork are very sturdy and come with a lifetime guarantee. This means that the bike will stay in your family for many years. It is very easy to handle and ride. The price might seem a bit high, but the bike is worth it.

7. Huffy Bicycle Alpine Bike



This bike is meant for the youths who want to explore the world. It has big 24 inch tires and a very strong steel frame. If you take a look at the best youth mountain bikes reviews, you will definitely hear about it. The bike has 18 speed gear shifts, which make it suitable for any type of use. Its seat is padded and very comfortable. The tires provide a good grip and an easy control.

6. Kent Super 20 Boys Bike



It is suitable for boys of 7 to 9 years old. The frame is very strong and sturdy. Its suspension can handle almost anything easily. Your kid will be very comfortable and safe on this bike. It has 20 inch tires and an easy release seat clamp made of alloy. The 7 speed gear shift makes it easy to ride anywhere. The gears are shifted with wrist twist. It has a very suitable price.

5. Schwinn Boys 12’ Grit Bike



This is the best training bike for toddlers. It is very comfortable and safe. It has a big handle with which the parents can push the bike as well as steer it. You will not have to worry about your kid hurting herself as you will be controlling the bike. Its parent handle can be removed as per the need. You will still be able to provide support with the quick release seat clamp. Your kid will be able to use it for quite some time. Its seat height can also be adjusted very easily.

4. Hot Wheels Boy’s Bike



It is one of the most attractive bikes in the market for kids. Multiple colors are used on its frame, seat, handle and even tires. Besides being stylish, it is also very comfortable and safe. The brakes are very strong. Also the 16 inch tires will allow your kid to handle the bike very easily. It is suitable for the kids of 5 to 7 years old. The seat height can be easily adjusted.

3. Diamondback Cobra Junior



This is one of the best children’s mountain bikes with 20 inch tires. These tires allow the bike to have a good grip on almost any type of ground. It has simple linear pull brakes, both front and back. The 6 speed gear shift makes riding it easy in all types of situations. The aluminum frame is very strong and durable. This bike is suitable for boys that are 7 to 9 years in age.

2. Jeep Boy’s Bike



It is a very stylish bike with 14 inch wheels. The bike is meant for those still learning to ride. It has a strong and durable steel frame and a suspension fork. The cross bar is padded to make it safer. Even the chain is fully covered in order to keep your kid completely clean and safe. It is one of the best bikes for toddlers.

1. X-games FS20 Freestyle Bike



This bike is made for the adventurers. It has both front and back pegs and BMX X-games saddle. The front and rear brakes add safety to it. The bike is suitable for both boys and girls of 7 to 9 years old. It has 20 inch wheels and a strong steel frame and fork. The bike is genuinely priced.

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