Top 10 Best Inflatable Floating Coolers

It is convenient to have an inflatable floating cooler while you are travelling or go on vacation. It is such an amazing product that can add more components to your water sport activities. They are easy to carry with and quite durable for many years. In this article we are going to share you with the most popular floating coolers to ease your shopping choices.

10. Intex Mega Chill II Inflatable Floating Cooler, 48″ X 38″



This floating cooler contains a removable chest which can afford 72 cans beverage and the capacity of 30 Quartz. The overall construction is made by heavy duty PVC material. Therefore, it is quite durable and good for using long time. It also includes an EZ zipped lid which can help you easy to open or close this cooler.

9. Intex River Run Connect Inflatable Floating Cooler



Here is another innovative product from Intex company. This floating cooler can greatly help you enjoy the beverage above swimming pool without walking around. Its unique safety design with two chambers can make it quite safe and stable on the water. The build in cooler will also hold big volume beverage and ice.

8. Airhead Aqua Oasis Inflatable Raft 2014



This is another ideal floating cooler you can consider to purchase today. It is quite easy to use and can store your beverage in a cooling condition easily. It uses leak proof nylon as the main material to maintain its best safety and stability on the water. Plus the holding capacity is as much as 24 cans which is quite super and you can enjoy you water activities at the same time.

7. Floating Drink Holder – Large Inflatable Drink And Cooler Holder For Pool – Holds 4 Drinks And Cooler



This is ideal for swimming pool and it can hold up to 4 drinks as well as the cooler. It is easy to store and inflate. You can also find the details instruction for quicker using.

6. Intex Mega Chill Floating Ice Chest 28 In. D X 20 In. Tall



This is really cost effective device you should consider to buy now. It is high capacity holder which holds up to twenty four cans as well as the ice. The 31 inches of diameter ensure the best stability. There are 5 cup holders on the device and 2 heavy handles attached.

5. Wow Sports 30 Qt. Cooler Floating Fridge



This is a quite convenient device you should consider to buy for your leisure time. It is very large and possesses the holding capacity up to 30 quartz. The PVC construction makes it extraordinary durable. It also features with EZ zippered lid which is easy for opening and closing the product.

4. Blue Wave Sports Lay-Z-River Inflatable Cooler Float



This device brings many benefits for its customers. The overall dimension is around 42.5 by 32.5 inches, which allows you to enjoy more holding capacity of beverages. It is also constructed with heavy duty PVC material, which makes it quite durable and good for using a long time.

3. SwimWays Kelsyus Floating Cooler



This wonderful floating coolers feature with many helpful benefits for all customers. It can holds up to 6 cans of beverage, which will be a good choice for the party. It also contains pull out liner for cleaning easily. It is also easy to be fold and carry out conveniently.

2. Solstice Cooler Raft



This floating cooler receives many positive reviews from all customers. This is super cooler which can holds 4 cans beverage as well as large volume ice. The high quality material construction makes it quite durable and good for using long time. It also contains four handles which can help to move it easily.

1. Intex River Run II



This is quite popular product on the  market and many customers give highly rating on it. The dimension of this floating cooler is 104 by 56 and contains 18 gauge vinyl. The unique design with build in backrest will make your water time more relaxing and comfortable.

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