Top 10 Best Humidifier Reviews In 2016

Winters can really tricky times for most of us. It is hard to get any work done during this season. You feel like just staying inside your home all day. But even there you are not safe. To keep the house warm, you would turn on the heater. This will allow you to be free of the heavy winter clothes but it will also take up all the moisture from the air and you will be left with dryness. The adverse effects of dry air are much worse than the inconvenience of winters. Dry air can lead to problems like itchy skin, crack in lips, bloody nose and many such things. It is not just bad for you but also for your house. If the air is too dry, the wooden furniture and flooring in the house is prone to cracks. So, you should either not use the heater or find a solution for the dryness issue. And the best way to get rid of dryness is to buy a humidifier for the whole house or at least the rooms you spend most time in.


If you do not already know, a humidifier is a device that increases the humidity level of the air of a certain area. It disperses invisible mist into the air thus getting rid of the dryness. You can set what level of humidity you want and for how long. These devices are very easily found in the market. There are many big companies that produce and sell humidifiers. You will just have to find the right one.

To figure out which one is the best humidifier in the market, you should compare all the popular ones on the basis of price, quality, ease of use, etc. You should also consider your requirements like the size of your room or house. To help you out with this, a list of the top 10 best humidifiers along with reviews is given below.


  1. Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This humidifier is ideal for any average sized room. It has a 1.5L tank capacity and it safely shuts down if the water level is low or the tank is removed. The best part of this product is that it has nozzles in all directions. This allows it to humidify a room much faster. It can run for up to 16 hours without any problem.

  1. Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

If the winters are too harsh where you live, this humidifier will be a great option. The mist it spreads in your room is warm, which gives you warm air to breath. The best feature of this product is that you can put Vicks Vapostream or any such thing in the medicine cup and get medicated vapors that can help you fight cold.


  1. TaoTronics Ultrasonic Humidifier

 It is a great product with all sorts of amazing settings. The nozzle can be moved in direction and you can put the humidifier on sleep mode. There is an LED display to help you control the functions easily. With tank capacity of one gallon it can run for 15 hours after one filling. The inbuilt filter removes any harmful thing from the water.

  1. Avalon Premium Cool Mist Humidifier

It has a very unique and attractive design. The best part is that it can also work as a nightlight and is available in seven different colors. The big 2.8L tank can keep it running for up to 10 hours. It is very easy to add more water. After the water has been used, it will safely shut down automatically.

  1. Remedies Cool Mist Humidifier

It is another drop shaped humidifier that both looks good and it easy to use. It too has a 2.8L water tank and is available in seven different colors with inbuilt nightlight. It can run whole night after one filling. And it will shut down automatically.

  1. Honeywell Warm Mist Humidifier

Honeywell in considered to be one of the best companies when it comes to humidifiers. This product is their base model and is one of the cheapest in market. Thus, it is a great option for those who have a limited budget. It is very easy to use and can run for 24 hours after one filling. It automatically shuts down when the tank is empty.

  1. Honeywell HUL520W Humidifier

This humidifier is ideal for small sized rooms. It can run for up to 20 hours after one filling. It shuts down automatically when it gets empty. The mist it gives is cool and visible.

  1. Aircare MA1201 Humidifier

This is a console type humidifier that can increase the moisture level of your whole house. It shuts down safely when the desired level of moisture has been reached. It is very easy to clean and simple to use.

  1. Honeywell Cool Mist Humidifier

 It is wide tank humidifier that very easy to clean. It can run for up to 18 hours after one fill. There are two speed settings to choose from. The operations of this product are very quiet. You will not hear it working.

  1. Pure Guardian H920BL Humidifier

It has a compact design that makes it ideal for desktop or nursery. Its special protection does not let mold grow inside the water tank. You can select low or high mist settings according to your comfort.

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