Top 10 Best Home Remedies For Foot Odor

There are millions of bacteria live on your feet which eat your sweat and produce acid byproduct lead to bad and stinky smell. The sealed environment is also providing a good opportunities for the bacteria to feast on your sweat. Another common reason for foot odor is also fungal infections, like athlete’s feet. However, we have so many nature ways to treat this issue.

10. Soak your feet in saltwater


The moisture of your feet will be pulled out by soaking in the saltwater, and this will reduce the total amount of bacteria lives on your feet. You can dissolve 0.5 to 1 g salt in warm water and keep soaking your feet for more than 20 minutes. Insist this treatment everyday until you find better result, which last around 2 weeks.

9. Baking soda


This is another common stuff easy to find at home. And it is quite effective to eliminate the foot odor because it can effecively neutralize the pH of your feet sweat and thus decrease the bacteria. Usage for baking soda is add 1 tablespoon per quart of warm water and soak feet for 20mins around and keep this habit for more than one week.
In addition, it is also a good idea to spread some bake soda into your shoes or socks which is also an effective way.



Vinegar is also easy to find and have incredible effect on foot odor. You can simply bathe your feet in vinegar mixed double times of water for 30 mins each day and keep for more than one week. You will be good to go.



Alum powder is another good choice which possess powerful antiseptic and astringent abilities. Due to this fact, it can greatly help to reduct backeria growth. Simply mix alum power (1 tsp) into a cup of lukewarm water and wash well your feet. After around 20 mins, dry your feet and spread partial alum powder on feet then you will find better result.

6. Eat wisely.


Try to not eat foods with strong flavor such as onions, scallions, garlic and peppers. Avoiding these food because they pass the strong flavor and aroma through bloodstream and finally appear in your sweat.

5. Buy the right socks


There are some material made for socks can trap moisture on your feet. Therefore it is important that you can buy the right socks. Like cotton, it will give more breath to your feet. If you have more sweat than most people, then prepare a pair of clean scoks with you is also nice idea and you can change it at any time you feel sweaty a little bit.

4. Black Tea


The tannic acid in black tea can eliminate the bacteria on your feet which produce those annoying odor. It also has property to close the pores on your feet skin, which will cut off the amount of sweat on which bacteria rely on.

3.Lavender Oil


This is one substance smells really good and also can reduce bacteria on your feet. Moreover, its unique antifungal property make it extra functional in dealing with foot

2.Ginger Root or Ointment


Ginger can also inhibit the growth of bacteria and remove toxins on your feet. If you have the problem of feet odor, then try with ginger root or ointment, which will definitely help you a lot.

1. Sugar Scrub


Sugar scrub is also a good choice for eliminating the foot odor. It can help reducing the calluses and dead skin which can also part of reason of foot odor. By using sugar scrub regularly, your feet will be prevented from the formation of calluses. And acutally the useage of sugar scrub is quite easy, you can mixed sugar as main part and add one part of ispropyl and 5 parts of water to scrub your feet for 5-10 mins, which will effectively to remove the dead skill cell and calluses. Then wash your feet and repeat this method 3 times a week, then you will be fine.

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