Top 10 Best High-paying Jobs in the Current Economy of USA

The top 10 jobs in USA has been seen to be the most remunerative and highly sought after by aspirants giving the present trends in the economic situation of the country. The latest findings have been established after a thorough investigation and authentic research. Based on the latest report job aspirants may now seek for better remunerative packages and better lifestyle options for making the best out of their career. The following jobs are the latest order among top ten and are listed according to the highest remunerative packages to the lowest.

Top First Job


It is seen that the best jobs in the current US market is that in the healthcare sector where the average remuneration is seen to be the highest than any other jobs. The jobs include those of the doctors and surgeons and they on the average take the best take home package apart from the other remunerations.

The list contains all categories of doctors and surgeons and yet it is also seen that among the specialists it is the anesthetists who take the topmost wages while the surgeons, obstetricians and gynecologists are next in the line while the pediatricians are the lowest.

Yet overall the average pay is still higher among these health care specialists than in any other sector. The mean average is seen to be 2,34,950 dollars while to get there you need to put in minimum of 11 and more years and this includes bachelor’s degree, medical school degree and nearly 8 years working in residency.

Top Second Job


The next most highly paid job is that of the dentists and orthodontists. The mean average pay is seen to be 1, 96,270 and you need minimum 8 years of education. Between the two the most paid are the orthodontists as there is always a short supply of them.

Top Third Job


The third best paid job is that of the CEO or Chief Executive Officer and they are very much sought after in almost all sectors. Among the most paid or compensated are those CEOs are in the film industry while others are not too far behind. Of course the job doesn’t stipulate the need for proper qualifications as experience is the foremost here. A bachelor’s degree and an MBA surely help, but more than anything else it is the thorough knowledge about the industry that counts.

Top Fourth Job


The fourth in line among the highest paid jobs in USA is that of the Petroleum Engineers. They are crucial for the very reason that you find the seamless service of extraction of oil from earth to that of your car’s engine. You need a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering and have to work in a co-op program after the completion of the same.

Top Fifth Job

Architectural and Engineering Managers are the next best remunerative job that you find in the US. The best and most highly paid among these are seen employed in oil and gas as they oversee the transportation of oil through a vast network. You will find their pay averaging around 1.36,540 dollars.

You need a bachelor’s degree and experience of 4 plus years minimum.

Top Sixth Job


Jobs of Marketing Manager are adjudged as the sixth best among top 10 jobs in USA. Here qualification is not the main criteria although it helps yet performance based upon the experience really counts here. Their work is very crucial too as the main purpose is to get the message of the company into the minds of the people.

Naturally the top jobs for the above post is in the oil and gas sector yet in other sectors too they are equally competitive.

Top Seventh Job


The seventh position goes to Natural Science Managers posts as they are mostly found in the areas of biology, physics and chemistry. These managers supervise over the scientists and they work in sectors like aerospace, insurance as well as state government level and educational fields.

You need a bachelor’s degree in a scientific field with 4 plus experience in the field.

Top Eighth Job


The eighth position goes to Computer and Information System Manager’s posts. These posts are found in almost all companies where there are frequent computer crashes and there isn’t time for staffs to arrive from one of the IT companies to rectify it.

Top Ninth Job

The ninth best job is that of lawyers and they require bachelor’s degree with 3 years at law school and have to complete the bar exam. The pay is seen to be very good on the average yet for good lawyers this is not the limit.

Top Tenth Job


The tenth best job in US is that of the Airline Pilots, Co-pilots and Flight Engineers. Here you find plenty of remuneration and other perks to give you good life. But you need hundreds of hours of flying experience. It is considered a cool job although you are checked for fitness quite often.

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