Top 10 Best Health Benefits Of Tea Tree Oil

This powerful component from Melaeuca alternifolia plant is famous for its health and beauty benefits for people. It contains various active elements which possess the capacity of anti bacterial, anti fungal, antiseptic and anti many other microorganisms. However, you may not know its benefits deeply as well as versatile capacity that may bring more benefit to you. So, we create this list to clarify more health facts on it.

10.Keep healthy hair


It have been proven that tea tree oil is quite valuable for the wellness for your hair as well as scalp. Similar with coconut oi, tea tree oil gets the capacity to soothe dry flaking skin, eliminate dandruff as well as could be utilized for treating lice. If you want to make simple tea tree oil shampoo, you can simply combine a few drops of tea tree oil with aloe coconut milk, vera gel and other essential oils like lavender oil

9.Treats Dandruff


As a way to take care of dandruff, tea tree oil has powerful antifungal properties and is an oil that is effective. It reduces symptoms like dry and itchy scalps. Use this oil after each shower and massage the hairs. However it’s not recommended to be used by pregnant women. In addition, you can even join some of tea tree oil with lavender oil to get better results.

8.Acne Treatment


A standard usage of Tea Tree Oil is as an all-natural Acne treatment. Lightly use the oil to spread on the affected areas before sleep and after that an effective remedy would be to apply with a cotton swab which has dipped in tea tree oil. In the early hours, rinse the oil off and scrub your face as usual. Duplicate this daily.

7.Sinus infections


Tea tree oil is antibacterial and antiviral, which makes it excellent for practically any type of disease of the breathing. Boil water and add several drops of tea tree oil for the water. After removing the pot from heat, place over your head and inhale for 10-15 minutes.

6.Sanitize The Hands


Most overthecounter hand sanitizers include harsh or alcohol, drying chemicals like triclosan. Triclosan has been under fire by health experts recently over concerns they might bring about the growth of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs.” Plus, hand sanitizers are laden with parabens which have been associated with endocrine disruption, cancer, reproductive toxicity, immunotoxicity, neurotoxicity, and skin irritation.

5.Keep your Skin Healthy


Tea tree oil is your saviour, in the event you are experiencing blemishes, pimple outburst etc, dark spots. Dab several drops of the essential oil on the cotton swab and use it within the affected areas about the skin. You can even use gels and face washes, which include pure tea tree oil included. This really is an all-natural alternative and a good deal better, rather than using booze and harsh chemicals.

4.Dry scalp


Tea tree oil is great for dry scalp. By nourishing your hair as well as your scalp extremely nicely, it moisturizes. All blockages in the pores clear. Combine with any carrier oil like jojoba oil and massage lightly onto your scalp for 10-15 minutes. Leave it on for a while and scrub completely.

3.Kills Head Lice

Tea tree oil efficiently kills head lice and acts like an all-natural insecticide. It soothes itching to much extent. Join tea tree oil in equivalent amounts with olive oil. Massage the hairs with this particular mixture and you’d get results that are great in a few days’ routine use.

2.Tea Tree Oil Kills Mould


A standard problem a lot of people experience in their own houses is mould infestation without even being conscious of it. Consider diffusing tea tree oil in the air all around your house to kill mould and other bad bacteria and purchasing a diffuser. Additionally, you can spray on tea tree oil cleanser onto your laundry machine, shower curtains, dishwasher or toilet to kill mould off.



A lot of individuals also have found that Tea Tree Oil may be utilized as an extremely successful treatment for Genital Warts. An effective remedy would be to drop a cotton swab in to the tea tree oil and gradually apply it to the wart. Duplicate this once each day for 10 days

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