Top 10 Best Hand Truck Reviews In 2016

When you need to move the heavy load from one place to another you cannot do it by again and again bending and lifting the load. This type of bending and lifting may harm your back muscles. This is why you must buy a hand truck which can be used at both your home and office and can be used for lifting heavy loads from time to time. Here is the list of the best ten hand trucks that are available in the market.

  1. Cosco Shifter Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck and Dolly

This is a heavy duty hand truck made of steel and can be used to lift heavy loads of 300 pounds. The truck is though, heavy duty can be easily converted and maneuver. It can be used in both ways- as upright truck that uses two wheels or as a cart that can be dragged on its four wheels. If you want to take it someplace else it can fold on itself flat and the size is good enough to fit in the boot space of most cars.

  1. Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck

This hand truck is made up of aluminum and that makes it very light as compared to the ones made of stainless steel. The handle is telescoping and can extend up to 39 inch. The large wheel base with wheels of width 5 inch is easily maneuverable and can carry weight as much as 150 pounds. This is easily foldable too and takes only a height of 2.5” when folded. It can be used anywhere as it is handy.

  1. Magna Cart Ideal 150 lb Capacity Steel Folding Hand Truck

This is heavy duty stainless steel body hand truck that can be folded on itself to fit into the trunk of any car. This great hand truck can hold up to 150 pound of weight and is really tough. The opening and closing of this hand truck is easy and just needs the pressing of one button. This hand truck is available for free shipping too.

  1. Magna Cart Elite 200 lb Capacity Folding Hand Truck

This is a foldable hand truck which when extended to its full length can become 39 inch tall. This hand truck is good choice for the people who have to frequently lift heavy loads like the trade show exhibitors or the frequent travellers or the owners of small businesses. It does not weigh too much and can take loads as much as 200 pounds. The rubber wheels do not require any air and roll smoothly on movement.

  1. New Blue 330lbs Platform Cart Dolly Folding Foldable Moving Warehouse Push Hand Truck

This is a beautiful blue hand truck that can be easily stored. It has a non slip deck on which the load remains stable. There are even rubber bumpers on all the corners to prevent the corners from colliding with hard surfaces. There are four wheels provided out of which the two are regular while the other two swivel. The capacity of lifting load is around 330 pounds and the size is 19 inch in width, 29 inch length and 33 inch in height. The handle is foldable and makes it easy to store this cart.

  1. Olympia Tools 85-188 Collapsible Service Cart

This is a great item that can be used t move many small things at the same time. There are three levels and all of them are removable. The opening and closing is smooth and hassle free. When collapsed the hand truck remains just 8 inch wide and thus is easy to store.

  1. VonHaus 200lb Folding Hand Truck/Dolly with Telescopic Handle & Aluminum Frame

This hand truck comes with telescopic handle and this is the reason why it can be stored in a smaller space even though the extended size is huge. The frame is made up of one of the lightest metal- aluminum. The tires are made p of rubber and give equally good performance indoors and outdoors.

8.    Seville Classics Folding Hand Truck, 150 lbs. Capacity

This hand truck is meant to carry loads as much as 150 pounds. This hand truck is made of aluminum and that makes it very light to carry. The overall size of the truck is 15.35” in depth, 16.54” in width and 39.37” in length. The folded dimension is 15.35” in depth, 2.36” in width and 25.2” in length. The toe plate is wide enough to carry large volumes.

  1. Milwaukee 30019 800-Pound Capacity D-Handle Hand Truck with 10-Inch Pneumatic Tire

This is a heavy duty hand truck and is used to lift weights as heavy as 800 pounds. The toe plate is 8 inch to 14 inch and the handle is made in comfortable D shape. You can stack various heavy items on to this truck as high as 50 inch. The tires are made of rubber and are smooth in movement. This hand truck is good for the business set ups.

  1. Sparco Folding Platform Truck, 660 lbs., 24-3/4 x 36 x 29-1/2 Inches, Blue (SPR02040)

This hand truck comes with 1 inch tubular steel handles that make the handling of the truck easy. The corners of this truck have rubber bumpers and the handles fold down to help store it easily.



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