Top 10 Best Guitar Tuners Reviews In 2016

To those music fans, a guitar tuner is definite important for their practice. And experts of music will always judge a person by whether their music is in tune. Maybe it is difficult to adjust tune in the past, but as the development of technology, this becomes quite easy than past. A high quality guitar tuner will give your better efficiency and ease to play your guitar in tune.  However, there are just so many brands and models on the market, you need to make a lot of comparison between them. Luckily, we have created this list for your convenience to find out the favorite one easily.

10. Snark SN-5 Tuner For Guitar, Bass And Violin



This is a cost effective tuner which is designed for multiple music instrument such guitar, violin, bass and so on. Its screen can show the tune with 360 degree color bands. And it can help you easily to find out the best tune. You can use it and place it on both sides of headstock,

9. Snark SN-8 Super Tight All Instrument Tuner



This is another highly trusted and top selling product from Snark. It owns the similar features as Snark SN-5 such as 360 degree full color screen. It is light weight and easy to use. It also features with fast tuning pace and you can clip it on different instrument without falling down.

8. D’Addario NS Micro Clip-On Tuner



This is a high end tuner that is trusted by various customers. You can easily clip it on different types instruments like guitar, bass or mandolin. It can adjust the extra accurate tune based on the vibration without any input of sound or cable. It also provide with a display screen for easy control and check.

7. Fender FT-004 Chromatic Clip-On Tuner



Fender FT-004 features a very compact and small size design for your needs. You can use this device for various instruments such as guitar, violin, bass and so on. Its tuning range from B0 to B7.With is large LCD screen, you can easily tune your instrument within short time.

6. KLIQ UberTuner – Clip-On Tuner For All Instruments – With Guitar, Bass, Violin, Ukulele & Chromatic Tuning Modes



This is a high quality device that you can give a look at. It features with extra bright display screen for easy to recognize the type of your tuning. It is also quite convenient to use and it detect the pitches through the vibration of your instrument. The limited 3 year warranty will also give your reliable feature from this device.

5. TC Electronic Poly Tune Clip



TC guitar tuner is professional grade device to deliver the top tuning experience as you want. Its unique poly tune technology will tune all your strings at the same time. The extra bright screen will clearly show up all the data you need. Plus with its stylish design, you will looks quite professional while playing.

4. Korg GA1 Guitar And Bass Tuner


This is somehow cheaper tuner but possess powerful function device which own many positive reviews from their customers. It is compact designed and easy to carry. The LCD display will show you with the high precious date as you need. It can supports 7 string tunings at the same time.

3. Korg CA-40 Large Display Auto Chromatic Tuner



Korg CA-40 is versatile tuner that will help you a lot in tuning your instrument. It is compact and great for orchestra or brass band. With the large and clear display, you can get the ideal toning in short time. Its detecting range is from A0 to C8. This tuner will also remember your pitches each time.

2. Korg TM50BK Instrument Tuner And Metronome, Black



This is another series tuner from Korg. It introduces a newly designed LCD display to precious date provide to you. The metronome  and tuner function can be used at the same time. And you have two color option to choose from.

1. AxeRig Lifetime Warranty Clip-On Chromatic Guitar Tuner For Acoustic, Bass, 6 & 12 String Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin…



This is high quality guitar tuner which is lifetime warranted from the merchant. With its large screen, you can use it easily at stage or studio. It provides the maximum accuracy without jumping like many other products. And you use this device for many types of instrument with ease.

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