Top 10 Best Golf Gloves Reviews

When you decide to start a new thing or do an old one you need the right inventory for the task to become successful. In sports of all kinds including golf if you do not have proper inventory the success in this game become questionable. Here are the reviews of top 10 gloves used in golf during the play.

10. Callaway Men’s Xtreme 365 Golf Gloves 



Callaway men’s xtreme 365 is high performance golf gloves suitable for all weather conditions and gives good comfort. The gloves are made of opti flex material which gives good flexibility and increases its durability. Superior grip is achieved by reinforced digitized synthetic leather and makes it durable in all weather conditions. The cotton terry cuff gives a soft feel and helps in moisture absorption.

 9. Nike Men’s Dura Feel VII Cadet Left Hand Golf Glove



Nike men’s Dura Feel VII gloves are worn in left hand and available with customized fitting system to suit every hand. It gives an excellent grip with great feel because of enhanced synthetic leather and leather patch on palm and thumb. These gloves have perforated leather panel on the back of hand which improves breathability and gives great range of action. Lycra spandex is placed in fingers and back of hand for flexibility and breathability.

8. DynaGrip All-Cabretta Leather Golf Glove (Men’s Regular Sizes)



These golf gloves are made entirely of premium quality cabretta leather skins as compared to other brands that make part synthetic and part cabretta. The cabretta leather is buttery soft and very durable. It gives firm grip and resists moisture. Durable edge trim prevents the edge of leather from getting worn at the edges even after a long term use. It has been used by winner of several PGA tour events and over 10 million have been sold till now.

7. Nike Men’s Dri Fit Tech Regular White Golf Glove



This unique golf glove is worn in left hand and has body-led silicone over mould on the back of hand which gives a perfect fit, greater flexibility and range of motion. It has high breathability and moisture control because of Dri-Fit material placed in back of hand and fingers. Premium quality cabretta leather is used for a soft buttery feel and a firm grip. Customized fitting system is available for all sizes and shapes of hand.

6. NEW FootJoy WeatherSof 2-pk Men’s Golf Gloves extra Value Pack – Left Hand (fits on left hand)



This glove is made to fit on the left hand. The traction 2 leather used for making it gives a great feel, increases durability and gives flexibility in the high stress areas. FiberSof microfibers are used in fingers to give good fit and a firm secure grip. Elasticized PowerNet mesh placed along fingers and knuckles increases breathability and controls moisture. A 3-D ComforTab adjusts comfortably to provide secure and reliable fitting.

5. Intech Six-Pack Ti-Cabretta Men’s Glove



This glove is made part from synthetic and part from cabretta leather. The palm side of the glove is made of premium cabretta leather and the back side is made of strong soft synthetic material increasing its durability. Comfort and flexibility of the glove is increased by placing Lycra inserts which also allows breathability. The Intech Ti-Cabretta glove is very durable and long lasting.

4. TaylorMade Targa White/Black Golf Glove



This leather golf glove is made from AAA cabretta leather. The cabretta leather is very soft and flexible which gives a very nice feel and makes it durable for all weather conditions. The glove absorbs moisture and helps in getting a non slippery firm grip. Lycra inserts are placed for good breathability and the wrist band absorbs the moisture.

3. Callaway Men’s Xtreme 365 Golf Glove



Callaway men’s xtreme 365 golf glove are made of opti flex material which gives you great feel, increased flexibility and is very durable. It is suitable for use in all weather conditions. Reinforced digitized synthetic leather gives excellent non slippery and firm grip. The glove has excellent moisture control property superior breathability and is highly flexible. The glove is very thin and light and securely fit. The cotton terry cuff gives a very soft feel and absorbs the moisture. 

2. Bionic Men’s RelaxGrip Golf Glove



The unique feature of this glove is that it’s back part is made of synthetic and its palm part is made of cabretta leather. The cabretta leather gives a buttery feel and provides a firm grip. The cabretta leather increases its durability especially in the areas prone to more wear and tear. The black color of palm shows less dirt and as a result keeps the glove looking new for a longer time. There is a pad system which is strategically placed in fingers and palm side which gives a lighter and very relaxed grip. Its unique pre-rotated finger design is patented and it complements natural closure and reduces fatigue. It is official glove of the locker room managers association. 

1. FootJoy Winter S of Golf Gloves (1 Pair)



FootJoy winter S of golf glove is suitable for cold weather conditions. it has cabretta leather on palm side which gives excellent grip and a nice feel. The gloves are durable and skin friendly. The package includes 1 pair of gloves. They make the task of holding and using the stick a rather comfortable one.

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