Top 10 Best Facial Hair Remover Reviews

We all look for an easy, hassle-free way to get rid of those ugly facial hairs, especially before a special ceremony or occasion. It is simply impossible to book an appointment to some costly beauty parlour in case of impromptu programs or parties. Thus, it is nice to own something like a handy tool which can be used anytime, anywhere, any number of times, quickly to remove this element of social hazard. While many items are featured in the market, it still remains a question and doubt as to which one to get finally. Hopefully the following items can help you choose your kind of product next time that you are in trouble.


10.Bellabe Facial Hair Remover



This facial hair remover takes out facial hair successfully by trapping the unwanted facial hair in its twirling spring and plucking them out entirely along with the roots. It works better than a tweezer, as it removes hair a lot faster. There is no need for any chemical in this process, so anyone including the people with sensitive skin can use this. Less and thinner hair grows in its place. It comes very handy while travelling. It is less irritable than other ones available in the market. Therefore, use Bellabe to get perfect smooth skin right at your home.


9. Epiwand Facial Hair Epilator For Women




This is an exquisite facial hair removal epilator which removes facial hair without the least hassle. It is reasonably-priced equipment that can be a substitute for your pricey beauty treatments in parlours. Use it to remove hair in the difficult and vulnerable places like cheeks, chin, and upper lips. It will remove hair from their root without you having to go through the pain of waxing or shaving, plucking, or even the use of bleaching creams. It is also portable and small enough to carry around anywhere. It doesn’t require batteries or any maintenance. You get beautiful, even skin upto six weeks.

8. BS-MALL Spring Facial Hair Remover




Bs-Mall is a very simple and effortless tool to use to get rid of that unnecessary and unwanted hair that has been upsetting you forever. It is larger than the general and trendy ones in the market, therefore, it can take off hair over a larger surface area than others in one go. The tensile strength of the spring in BS-MALL is also superior to its peers. You just have to curve the stick to an upturned ‘U’ and roll it gently down the area of hair. You may twist the stick to pull them off in one swift motion. That is it, no need of any cream.


7. Philips Hp6390/51 Precision Perfect Trimmer



Pivoting Facial Trimmer is a one of a kind trimmer in the world of beauty enhancement. It has a revolving head that can adjust itself with the outline of the face and thus provides for a comfortable trim as well as a complete hair removal. It is effective on any skin type. It also comes with a micro-fine blade with two attached combs for the tricky places like the neck and chin. Its stainless steel blades safeguards it from getting rust and makes it very durable. It is handy enough to be carried anywhere. It operates on battery.

6.Philips Hp6390/51 Precision Perfect Trimmer



It is a neat and safe choice than many other facial hair remover kits. This remover is made of hypoallergenic stainless steel, and is a very light tool.  Thus, you are ensured protection from any kind of allergy no matter how vulnerable your skin. Simply twist the tool to an inverted ‘U’ and pull it down across the region of the unwanted facial hair. It provides handles fitting for any palm size, for easy manoeuvres. It does the job much quicker with least amount of pain and you get hairless skin upto 4 to 6 weeks

5. NiceEshop (TM) Spring Facial Hair Remover Threading Beauty



This is a threading-style facial hair remover. It doesn’t use thread however; instead it has precision spring-action system. It is quite powerful and may hurt a little at first, but it removes facial hair efficiently without any damage to the skin like in case of waxing, threading or bleaching or is as costly as laser treatment, sugaring, and electrolysis. You do not have to worry about any consequence like red skin or irritation. It is small, portable and affordable. What more can you want? And it comes in many colours!

4. Facial Hair Remover by Bella and Bear


4 buynow

It offers a hair removal kit that includes facial epilator, tweezers and a travel bag. It is a natural women’s facial hair remover with a spring epilator. It is appropriate for a wide range of skin type, for example, people who are sensitive to waxes, creams which maybe potentially harmful and render the skin colourless. The more you use it, the less hair grows back, and also they are thinner and less coarse over time. This tool comes with a useful pair of high quality tweezers, and a trendy travel bag to keep this indispensable tool.

3. Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator


Philips HP is a total facial and body hair removal system with which you can get long-term and complete smooth skin. It has an epilation system which can remove hair follicles as tiny as 0.5 millimeter, and has 21 hypoallergenic discs, a detachable head that you clean thoroughly once you are done with it. Thus, it guarantees a hygienic hair removal experience. It also has two different speed setting (gentle and efficient) and has flexible, round grip giving you a comfortable handle and an optimum performance. Just make sure that you have a dry, and clean and clear skin before using it.


2. Premium Facial Hair Remover Threading Tool by Cherir 2buynow

Premium hair remover promises ‘quick and efficient facial hair removal without the pain, messy waxes and irritation.’ Its spring is of hypoallergenic stainless steel, so that you are risk free of allergies. You can use it for the unwanted facial hair like the upper lip hair, hair on cheeks, and chin and also on the neck region. However, do not use this tool for your eyebrows or any other delicate body part. Use this to get silky smooth skin for weeks.

1. Emjoi eRase e6 Facial Hair Remover Epilator (Latest Edition) 1buynow

This is, as its name suggests is the latest epilation system with provides super gentle action to get rid of the hair of the extra-sensitive regions. It presents eRase Glide Technology with which anybody can slide to and fro effortlessly in any motion for pain free hair removal. It requires no itching, pulling or irritation therefore, don’t worry about redness, dryness or sore skin. It is a ground-breaking epilator intended to do away with the shortest hair follicles of 0.3mm with exact accuracy. Finally this exquisite piece has a unique 3-disc system and a safety feature for an extra precaution.


Now that we have discussed the best and top products for facial hair removal, please keep in mind not to use this type of tools on injured places or on open gashes, or dermatitis, extra dryness, skin with eczema rashes, hives, acne or any other type of skin problems, redness or swelling.

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