Top 10 Best Electric Wheelchairs Reviews

Electric wheelchairs can help many people gain their mobility again when they have accidents or impairment on their bodies. A well powered wheelchair can run for long period and can help you travel a long distance. Find out a high quality electric wheelchair is quite important for you. We have created this list for your convenience.

10. Drive Medical Sfscout4 Spitfire Scout 4 Wheel Travel Power Scooter10


This is high quality electric wheelchair that can be easy and quick to assemble or disassemble. The seat is height adjustable and armrests are well padded. It also includes charger and battery as well as anti-tip wheels for maximum safety during travel. Its weight capacity can reach up to 300 pounds.

9. Smart Chair – Electric Wheelchair



Smart chair is quite compact electric wheelchair with lightweight of 50 pounds. Therefore, it is easy to store in the car or SUV for your best convenience. It is durable and high quality. Its battery can run for 9.3 miles each time. And the battery only needs 5 hours to get fully charged, which is easy to be done in the overnight.

8. Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair 8buynow

This wheelchair is made in USA and contains foldable steel frame. It is lightweight and easy to carry or travel. It also includes programmable controller for adjusting the mounting length. This wheelchair also equips with anti-tip wheel for your safety.

7. IMC Heartway Rumba HP4 Power Electric Wheelchair



This is quite stylish wheelchair for both home and outdoor usage. The seat can be folded down back. And it can hold up to 300 pounds weight. The range of each charge is 22 miles. If you are looking for a comfortable and reliable wheelchair, this is a good choice you can trust.

6. EZ Lite Cruiser Personal Mobility Aid



This high end electric wheelchair will give your best mobility in your daily life. It is quite lightweight and only 50 pounds include the battery. It is easy to fold and you can simply put inside your car or SUV without a lift. It is equipped with a lithium ion battery and can run 10 miles per charge. It is also cost effective than most old model. If you want to have a high quality and lightweight wheelchair, then this is best one you should take.

5. EZ Lite Cruiser Heavy Duty (HD) Deluxe DX12 Light Weight & Foldable Personal Mobility Aid


Another heavy duty and high quality wheelchair is from EZ lite. It is quite easy and fast to unfold and fold. It works well for both indoor and outdoor usage. The battery can be rechargeable with lithium ion model and gets 10 miles per charge. The entire weight is only 58 pounds which is ideal for travel and carrying with your family.

4. Lightweight Dual Function Foldable Power Wheelchair (Polymer Li-ion Battery), Drive With Power Or Use As Manual Wheelchair



This is quite famous wheelchair on this market and this is few models available that can let the users switch the auto mode of wheelchair into manual mode in short time. And the weight is 72 pounds and it is quite easy to fold. Its battery can give 15 miles range per charge. Its armrest has been designed well to reach the table closer and transfer easily. All in all, this is a high electric wheelchair you should buy.

3. Stylish Heavy Duty Foldawheel PW-1000XL With A Thick & Tuff Travel Bag. Electric Power Motorized Wheelchair



This is a wider wheelchair compared to other products from this company. Because, this high quality electric wheelchair is designed for bigger and taller customers. It is quite easy to fold and open up. And it is so compacted and can be easy to store in your car or SUV.

2. Pride Jazzy 600 Power Wheelchair



This device will deliver with you the best stability and top performance. The unique OMNI-casters technology ensures the vehicle safely descend the uneven surface.   This is quite compact and smart wheelchair.

1. Drive Medical Sunfire Gladiator Very HD Power Wheelchair



This is quite smart electric wheelchair and brings many benefits for their customers. It adopts mid-wheel technology to make maneuverability much easier than most other products. The height, width as well as arms are all adjustable. If you are looking for a versatile electric wheelchair, this is worthy buying product to give you more convenience.

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