Top 10 Best Credit Card Readers Reviews In 2016

The payment systems world over has undergone a tremendous change with the advancement of technology. From the traditional cash payment to plastic cards, the world has come a long way.

It has made life easy for both consumers as well as business people. However, it has also increased the risk related to privacy and security. With the advanced POS systems and credit card readers, this risk is mitigated to some extent.

Card readers themselves have adapted to innovations in technology. They have become more portable and simple to use. Today, there are a lot of different card readers available in the market where the choice of the best products depends on many factors. Choosing the best product can help both the customers as well as businesses to transact peacefully and securely.

Here is the list of top 10 best credit card readers, which are the best sellers in the market.

10. 3 PACK – Square Card Readers:



Square card reader with Square App performs flawlessly. To save money, you can buy 3 readers so you will get a maximum discount. It works with IPad, IPhone and Android but is not compatible with windows.

The software is fast and secure. You can also track sales by calling customers. If you require more than one reader for your growing business, this would be the perfect fit for your budget.

9. Intuit Mobile Card Reader:



It is a fantastic reader from Intuit, which works with IPad, IPhone, and Android phones. It can also be got from Intuit for free since they charge a small fee on the transactions that go through it.

It can be used with Intuit App, which can be downloaded for both IOS as well as for Android. You can manage your Gopayment account easily with Intuit App.

8. 2 PACK – Square Card Readers:



This reader is a trendy square card reader with modern design. It features advanced software. It is easy to set up and is redesigned to suit modern businesses.

It can be accessed from Ipad, Iphone or android devices. The App called register is intuitive and works perfectly. The amazing thing is despite its advanced features this reader has very simple pricing.

7. Mini Dx3 Minidx3 Usb Magnetic Card Reader



This is the smallest card reader in the world. It has impressive features in spite of its tiny size. Size makes it much more handy and portable.

It can store 8000 records internally. Bi- directional USB connectivity makes data downloads from and to the computer easy. You can also transfer data directly to MSR206 and 606. It is a three-track version and time and date is displayed in every transaction.

The user is protected with the password. It has a battery indicator and reads ISO format. It is very easy to use, and no programming is required. With its compact size and compelling features, it is a worthy buy for any business.

6. MCR200 Magnetic & EMV Smart IC Chip Card Reader and Writer:



MCR200 is a Smart card reader and writer for secure transactions. It is a reliable magnetic stripe and Smart card reader/writer solution for all businesses. It can read or write in both ISO & IBM formats.

You can also read or write up to three tracks and support PBOC2.0 along with EMV IC card. The software works only for magnetic cards. EMV IC card reader has to be customized using SDK.

5. MSRX6 Smallest USB Magnetic Credit Card Reader Writer:



MSRX6 is a USB Magnetic Credit Card Reader/Writer, which is just 1/4 size of its previous version MSR206. It is compatible with all major operating systems, including Android. It supports ISO formats.

It doesn’t require an additional power adapter since it is USB powered. It is a plug and play device, and supports read, write, copy, erase, compare, save to file, etc.

4. MagTek 21073062 DynamagMagnesafe Triple Track Magnetic Stripe Swipe Reader:



This product from MagTek is a bi-directional card reader. It has a triple track magnetic stripe configuration. It encrypts all the transactions and provides confirmation of the transaction.

It is compatible with any computer having USB interface. It is compliant with ISO/ANSI/AAMVA standards. We can use the programmable keyboard for different languages. The data is stored in Non-Volatile memory.

3. Bluetooth MSR-X6(BT) MSRX6BT Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Writer:



MSR-X6BT is the only Bluetooth magnetic card reader writer in the world. It is very compact and works with all desktops’ as well mobile operating systems. It is easy to connect without any hassle of connecting wires.

The device comes with free software for both Windows and Mac. Mobile Apps can be downloaded for IOS as well as for Android for a low price. It is 3-track version and supports read/write and erase.

2. MSR606 Magnetic Stripe Card Reader Writer:



MSR606 is compatible with MSR206 and supports ISO/ANSI formats. It is a 3-track version and does decoding/encoding/ verifying simultaneously.

It comes with standard USB interface. Its metal pad makes it durable. It is a highly reliable product in the market for businesses. The device can read and edit data from the card.

1.Minidx3 Smallest Portable Magnetic Stripe Card Reader:



Minidx3 is the smallest card reader in the world and is best suited for travel. It can read any magnetic card between 300-4000 OE. It is compliant with MSR500ex and Mini123ex.

It can store up to 3000 records of data in its 512KB memory. You can collect 3 tracks simultaneously. The device provides time and date stamps for every transaction. It is secure and password protected. Data can be downloaded to the computer using USB or can be transferred directly to MSRE206.

It is very easy to operate and supports ISO formats along with battery power indication.


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