TOP 10 Best Coffee Press Reviews

Coffee lovers are very particular about how their coffee should be made. Some like it dark and some prefer light and some with lots of sugar and cream. Now whichever way you want the coffee should not in fact affect the way the coffee itself has been prepared. If the coffee has not been grounded properly it can leave a very unpleasant taste and texture in the mouth. Therefore in order to get the best out of your daily coffee here are the top ten best coffee presses.

 10. SterlingPro French Coffee Press



A unique coffee press which uses double screens system for filtering, which makes it far better than other French presses. It grounds perfectly giving you a smooth cup that will make your coffee perfect. There are 2 additional replacement screens given so that you can make your coffee the same unique way for many years to come. The lid comes attached with a white plastic liner which keeps the lid from getting hot. The liner ensures that the brewer doesn’t get hurt while brewing or pouring coffee. The plastic liner has been kept close to the lid to ensure that the plastic doesn’t come in contact with the coffee at any point of time. It has a classic design that makes it a perfect gifting option and also sits pretty in your kitchen or at your coffee store.

9. KONA French Press – Best Coffee Tea & Espresso Maker



Not satisfied with just coffee? Then this is the perfect machine for you to have. This French coffee press does everything from making coffee and tea. It sits pretty with a beautiful brown and black color and a sophisticated design that is surely to please you. Easy to handle and care, it is dishwasher safe has a detachable infuser system  made of stainless steel with a quick and easy press. It is durable, sturdy and guaranteed to last long. It makes coffee making a, brewing and pouring quite effortless. It has a unique feature the plastic parts do not come in contact with your coffee at any of the three stages therefore making it completely safe.

8. Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker



This coffee press will give you the perfect coffee making experience you wanted to have.  It gives you the smoothest coffee with the help of an ideal brewing temperature to lower the bitterness and bring out the exact coffee flavor that you have been craving for. Complete immersion during brewing guarantees the full coffee flavor. No coffee grits will be found with this machine. It is fast and simple. The actual press takes about less than thirty seconds. It filters out all the grit and gives you the smoothest coffee possible. Treat yourself with this amazing machine this Christmas.

7. SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Coffee



A good coffee press should be able to make your coffee fast and in an uncomplicated way. This is the benefit of this particular press. It has a double screen system and a double wall construction to give you the best possible coffee experience and keep your coffee warm as long as possible. Made of pure stainless steel screens giving you the surety of long shelf life and durability. Two extra screens are thus provided to add more longevity to your coffee press. Get one of these to make your coffee smooth, thicker and tastier than before.

6. Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker 



This coffee press will be everything you ever dreamed of. This press is made up of a durable and heat resistant borosilicate glass that will give it its longevity and also happens to be BPA free Plastic handle and base thus making sure that none of your coffee is touched by plastic in the coffee making process. It is dishwasher Safe and the mesh filter made up of stainless steel helps in extracting your coffee’s subtle flavors and aromatic oils. It is one of the most preferred methods so as to receive the full coffee flavor that will satisfy your cravings. It is fast and simple and easy to handle.

5. Coffee and Espresso Maker, ZYK French Press Coffee Maker



This carafe provides you with everything you need to make a cup cuppa. It is made of durable and heat resistant glass , heat resistant handle and a Stainless Steel frame. All these features make sure that your coffee is warm, free from grits and you don’t hurt yourself while making the coffee. The Pressed coffee method that it uses makes sure that it extracts the right amount of acids and essentials oils from the coffee bean to get the best flavor from the coffee. It comes in a stylish design making it a perfect gifting option to family and friends.  A coffee press that is a must have.

4. French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Bundle



Made of borosilicate glass and stainless tell this coffee press ensures that your coffee is smooth and tastes better than ever. This strong carafe is made up of a durable and heat resistant glass. There are four filter screens available with this press that makes pure coffee and tea with a consistency in flavor and texture that is undeniable.  The glass and the steel is completely taste free so that nothing comes in between your coffee and tea and you get the exact flavor you have been looking forward to. Enjoy this beautiful and elegant carafe and make the most of your coffee experience.

3. Kuissential 8-Cup Stainless Steel French Press (Coffee Plunger, Press Pot, Cafetiere)



This coffee press is all you ever wanted.  Makes amazingly delicious self brewed Coffee in a jiffy. It has doubled walled stainless steel designs to make and hold the coffee in its optimum and most perfect temperature. It comes with a mirror finish outside to give it a classy and sophisticated look. It is durable and therefore making it last long. It looks sleek. Enjoy your coffee with this machine.

2. Primula 6-Cup Tempo Coffee Press, Black



This coffee press looks sleek and cool and will make your kitchen prettier and more purposeful. This machine is made of borosilicate glass and stainless steel; it gives it the durability that a coffee press must have. It is loaded with features that make your coffee making experience fast and hassle free. It has an elegant plastic frame and lid and definitely serves you the purpose of making a good coffee. The press contains a narrow glass jug with a lid and a steel plunger which keeps the cylindrical glass jug closed and also consists of a fine wire mesh which acts as a filter. This gives you a smooth coffee and a great texture to go along with.

1. Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker



A good coffee press should have all the features that will make it durable, elegant and most importantly serve the purpose of making a good coffee. This machine boasts of a three layered stainless steel filter that gives you the perfect cup of coffee free from grit giving your coffee a more refined taste and a better texture. The filter screen that is provided is easy to clean and handle. It also comes attached with a cool touch handle for safety purposes.



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