Top 10 Best Charcoals Grills Reviews

There are dozens of charcoal grills in the market today. Most of them are good, but only a few are great. We have created a list of the top ten grills and have ranked them from 1 to 10. Different criteria, like quality and ease of use, are used for the ranking. The ranks along with the reviews of these grills are given. We will start from the rank 10 and move towards rank 1.

10. Char-grill 2828 pro deluxe charcoal grill



The char-grill 2828 gives you a primary cooking space of 580 square inches, which much higher than what most of the other charcoal grills have to offer. The cart is made of tubular steel, which is both strong and light. This makes it very easy to move around. The big 8 inch wheels also help in this. The cooking grates can be lifted to access the coal. Body is made of heavy duty iron and is very durable. Wooden shelves on two sides make cooking very easy even for a beginner.

9. Weber 741001 original kettle 22 inch charcoal grill



The cooking grate is just 22 inch in diameter. It is small for portability, but still enough occasional grilling. The total cooking area is 363 square inches. The aluminum cleaning system allows you to clean the ashes with just one touch. The design of this grill is very sleek and impressive. It is also very easy to move around.

8. Weber 121020 go anywhere charcoal grill8buynow

The name is enough to tell that this grill is portable. It is very small and can be taken anywhere for grilling. This makes it perfect for picnics and camping. It has a 160 square inches cooking area. The legs are designed in a way to prevent slipping even at an inclination. It is coated to prevent rusting or fading of paint. Due to small size, it is extremely cheap. Even if you do not want it for travel, the grill best for those with limited budget.

7. Char-Broil Santa Fe charcoal grill



This is a huge charcoal grill made for those who need to cook on a daily basis and for a lot of people at once. You get total 800 square inches of area to cook. This is divided into primary and secondary cooking area. The two big shelves on both sides are also very helpful. There is a front coal access gate. It allows you to access the coal without having to open the lid and lift the grates.

6. Dyna-Glo DGN576SNC-D dual zone premium charcoal grill



The charcoal grill gives you can ultimate control over the heat to ensure proper cooking. It has a charcoal basket adjustment system that allows you to change the setting according to your cooking style and need. It is made of heavy duty material and available in three different sizes.

5. Kingsford OGD2001901-KF outdoor charcoal kettle grill



With 354 square inches of cooking area this grill is quite big than it seems to be at first. The porcelain coating makes it very durable. The lower rack allows you to easily store the accessories when not in use. You also get a warming rack with it. Big wheels allow you to easily move it around.

4. Weber 40020 smokey joe premium portable grill



This is the best grill for those who just want to experiment with grilling. It is extremely small in size and thus can be easily stored anywhere. You can also travel with it for picnics or camping trips. It is just 14 inches in diameter and even less than 10 pounds in weight. The best part is that it comes with a 10 year warranty.

3. Kingsford GR1031-014984 barrel charcoal grill



This 30 inch charcoal grill give you a cooking area 793 square inches. The metal shelves and bottom rack make it very easy to store things. With the help of the thermometer you can control the temperature very easily and accurately. Cooking grates are made of cast iron.

2. Marsh Allen 20530 charcoal barrel grill



This is a very easy to use charcoal grill with a cooking area of 365 square inches. The simple construction gives it a very light weight and makes it easy to move around. It weighs around 30 pounds and has big wheels. The wooden shelves and bottom rack provide a very traditional look.

1. Weber 15502001 performer deluxe charcoal grill



This is the most luxurious charcoal grill you will ever see. It has a state of the art construction with the use of modern technology. The 22 inch bowl gives you a cooking area of 363 square inches. It has a one touch cleaning system and also a touch ignition system. The lid has an inbuilt LCD timer and digital thermometer. It is very pricey, but is worth every penny.

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