Top 10 Best Ceramic Space Heater Reviews

A ceramicspace heater is a heater which works on the principle of generating heat in a small room or office by a heating semi-conductive material called PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic, by applying a voltage in it. This is better than other electric heaters because it uses electric wires which lose energy because of resistance wire produces.

Nowadays in the market, many ceramic space heaters are available which can be ranked according to their efficiency because of the qualities of materials used. Their designs and usages also make them popular among the consumers. Top ten ceramic heaters are listed below:-

10. Dr. Infrared Heater portable space heater, 1500 watts



This is the best because it maintains constant room temperature. This heater has twin heating system, creates less noise and generates low electric bills. It is designed in the United States and has a certificate that this heater designer has followed highest safety standards while manufacturing it. Best heater to install if you have pets or kids. It heats the room constantly as it doesn’t allow air moisture to leave the room. That heater gets switched off automatically when overheated.

9. Lasko #100 Myheat personal ceramic heater



Lasko #100 is good for heating small area like under the table of a large office or small rooms. Offices are full of wires, using other heaters is risky to install. Lasko ceramic heater is available in many colours and is compatible to use because of small size. It is covered with a plastic cover. Heating mechanism gets switched off automatically once it is overheated. It follow safety standard and has easy touch feature. There is a special feature also for creating less noise.

8. Lasko 754200 ceramic heater with adjustable heating mechanism



This is also good for heating small area like a bathroom, computer room, etc. and creates noise but that is manageable. The heating mechanism is not automatic; have to be done manually for which button is provided. It has a mechanism for managing fan speed. It protects the device from overheating by the automatic shutdown of power. It is small in size so convenient to move from one place to another. Its plastic cover is advantageous for avoiding hazardous accidents.

7. Lasko 5307 oscillating ceramic tower heater, 16 inches



This model of Lasko is less costly as compared to other two models mentioned above. This is suitable for heating small rooms like basement and bedroom. It amazes people who purchase the item for its quality and effectiveness. This version also follows safety measures. If you touch this heater, you will not feel burning sensation as it is covered with a plastic cover. It is good to use if you have pets. It avoids an accident. Fan noises are manageable but generate a typical chemical odour sometimes.

6. Bionaire Silent Micatheramic Console heater for large spaces



It is good for large rooms and also quite is easy to carry. And portable because of its design, wheels, large handle and light weight. It also has twin heating system. Heating mechanism and fan can be adjusted manually. It also has the functionality of automatic shut down in the case of overheating. It is noisy to operate. It is better than other oil filled the radiator.

5. Lasko 6435 designer series ceramic oscillating heater with remote control



It is another Lasko model. It is easy to place because of the heavy base. It is also covered with a plastic cover which is strong enough and will not easily crack. It is easy to carry because of small size. It is also suitable for small rooms. A heating mechanism needs to be adjusted, but it allows temperature increment of small degrees only. It is less noisy. It has remote for operation.

4. Holmes digital bathroom heater fan with pre-heat timer and max heat output



Holmes Digital is best suitable for the bathroom as it has preheated timer. You can just set the timer and that will set bathroom temperature as chosen. It also satisfies maximum safety measure. It can be wall mounted and also very easy to handle and operate. This product also has twin heating systems. It has manual reset button can be automatically shut down when gets overheated. It has a heating mechanism with lights indications which can be adjusted through digital controls. It has digital clock.

3. DeLonghi HMP 1500 mica panel heater



This model is stylish and can be mounted on the wall easily or if you want to place it on the floor, just attach the base. This product is automatically shut down when gets overheated. It is easy to move from one place to another. Heating mechanism can be adjusted manually. It uses mica to provide heat rapidly and has twin heating systems.

2. Lasko 6462 full circle ceramic heater with remote



It has the capability to heat not only in one angle but also in the degree of angle chosen. The heating mechanisms controlled via remote. It’s costly than other heater model and its energy consumption is also high.

1. Vornado MVH whole room vertex heater



This heater comes in many colourswhich can be automatically shut down when gets overheated. It consumes less energy. A heating mechanism needs to be controlled manually but has three options only.

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