Top 10 Best Card Game Reviews

Card games have a history of their own and you would not want to ruin it by purchasing some random card game when asked to buy one, would you? Don’t you want to show the cool card games you bought? Well, if that is so, then just let us help you out a bit. Here is a list of the best card games of all times based on people’s reviews.

10. Superfight: 500 Ca



Super fight 500 CA has won more than 10 card game trophies and titles. The game can be played by 5 people and the card’s style is rummy style. It can be played both by people who are experienced card gamers and inexperienced card gamers, experts and in-experts. The game is easy to learn and can be played by people of all age groups likewise.

9. Phase Ten Card Game



It has been made and manufactured by the makers of UNO. It has lots of unexpected surprises which makes the game all the more fun to play. Its style is rummy style and can be played by a maximum of 6 people. The main goal of the player is to complete the ten phases provided to them. The first player that attains the goal wins. It is a family game and can thereby be played by anyone.

8. Cards Against Humanity



‘Cards against Humanity’ is a card game only for adults. It consists of 550 cards, black and white cards being 90 and 460 respectively. Around thirteen rounds are possible in each game and a maximum of 6 people can play it at one time. It has many rules which are given separately in a custom box. It has been printed on premium cards. Children are NOT to play this at any cost.

7. Uno Card Game



UNO is one of the leading card makers. A maximum of four people can play it and it consists of a pack of 100 cards. To win the game, one has to get 500 points. It contains a deck plus instructions and scoring rulebook. It can be played by two people each too.

6. Exploding Kitten: A Card Game About Kittens And Explosions And Sometimes Goat



Exploding Kitten is a card game about kittens getting exploded, laser beams etc. It can be played by a maximum of 5 players. Each deck contains 56 cards. Each card features illustrations by oatmeal and is also one of the most famous card games in the kick starter history.

5. Skip Bo Card Game



Skip Bo is the traditional card game that we have all grown up playing. It is manufactured by the makers of UNO. The one who uses the entire set of card that he/she gets first, wins. It is not to be played by kids below 7 years. Although kids below 7 years are advised not to play this game, it can be classified as a family game due to the absence of any adult or obscene content in it.

4. Never Have I Ever, The Game Of Poor Life Decisions



Never have I ever is a popular game played among celebrities which was started by Ellen DeGeneres in her Ellen DeGeneres show. It consists of 550 cards of which 65 are rule cards and the rest are game cards. This game not only makes you relive your embarrassing and fun moments, but also earns you points. The more embarrassing moments of truth you share, the more points you earn. So that is a win-win, is it not?

3. Exploding Kittens: Nsfw Edition ( Explicit Content)



Exploding kittens’ new edition is a completely adult card game that will seem fun to only those people who are into the kittens and boobs wizards and butts. A maximum of 5 players can play this game. Each card has an oatmeal illustration and it is one of the most famous projects in Kick starter history. It has a set of 56 cards. It is an obscene party game and not to be played by kids.

2. Drunk Stoned Or Stupid (A Party Game)



Drunk Stoned or Stupid is a party game as the name itself suggests. It has been printed by professionals and premium card experts. It can be played by a minimum of 4 people (stupid of course). It contains alternative and real rules which are kept in a custom box. It contains many high profile stickers too.

1. Sushi Go: The Pick And Pass Card Game



Being available at an affordable price, Sushi Go is a unique card game that can benefit you in many ways. It also has many rules for playing. It increases your thinking ability and makes you use your power of probability, visual distinguishing and strategized thinking. It can be played by a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 players.

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