Top 10 Best Car Security Alarms Reviews

Thefts of automobiles are happening across the globe. Intruders are finding different ways to steal the cars. However, there are many security alarms available in the markets at an incredibly affordable price. You can purchase these alarms to give bulletproof security to your valuable investment from trespassers and burglars. Moreover, this alarm will also protect the passenger’s inside the car in case of unforeseen accidents or other issues. Few powerful alarm systems include:

10. 2013 Viper 1-way Car Alarm Security System with Keyless Entry + Squash Air Fresheners



This powerful and easy to install car alarm security system operates on three channels. This enables you to operate the car without the keys and has four button remotes with a control center. You can use this equipment from 1500 feet away. When the car owner has an emergency, he can use the panic mode. This triggers the alarm and gather the crowd to help him. The parking light flash feature helps you to view the dark area, when you travelling during the night. The comfort closure is a notable feature that closes the windows without human intervention.

9. NuoYa001 HotAuto Solar Charger Car Burglar Alarm Warning LED light Car Sensor Security



This six LED light alarm system allows the car owner to view the driveway during night times. The vibration sensor in-build in this system sense the vibration and will emit the strong light. It turns off the light during day time and in the area where there are street lights automatically.

8.CrimeStopper SP-101 Car Security Alarm & Keyless Entry System with (4) Car Power Door Lock Actuator Motors



This keyless entry and alarm system makes this a usable gadget for every car owner. You can lock and unlock the car doors with this remote controller. People who try to open your door will end-up with dissatisfaction. The electronic shock sensors in-build in this equipment will sense the force break-in. The panic mode on the remote helps you to press it in case of emergency. The flashlight signal indicates the alarm condition

7. 2-Way Car Alarm Security Alarm w/ LCD Status Display and Remote Engine Start



This product would be right one to install in your daughter’s or wife’s car to protect them from falling prey to crimes. This remote controller allows the car owners to open and close the door automatically from a certain distance. The electronic shock sensors inbuilt in this alarm system will detect the forced break-ins. The panic button helps you to press it in case of freak incidents.

6. CrimeStopper SP-101 Car Security Alarm & Keyless Entry System with (2) Car Power Door Lock Actuator Motors



This portable and light in weight 2 way car alarm security system gives ample protection to your car and you in case of emergency. The best part of this system is that, you can start the car engine just by pressing a button. The rich LCD display enables you to view the car status. You can operate an alarm system and other features from 3500 feet away. The notable feature is that, you can lock and unlock the car doors using this system in a jiff. It gives anti-hijack protection for your car engines. The Automatic arming reminder gives an additional protection to you.

5. Pyle PWD701 4-Button Remote Door Lock Vehicle Security System5


This powerful car alarm and remote starter system enable you to lock and unlock the car from a certain distance. This eludes manual opening of car doors with keys. Indeed, this gives bulletproof security to your expensive asset. This system has four buttons, where each has a specific task to perform. This has truck release output. You can happily use this system to open the car door while stepping out of the restaurant from 1000 feet away.

4. CompuSTAR CS700-AS Car Alarm & Remote Starter System Remote Start & Security CS700AS4


This cutting edge yet affordable remote door lock vehicle security system with two-four buttons have buttons to lock and unlock the car doors in a jiff. The remote panic button, anti-carjack, horn honk output, remote auto start buttons work effectively and gives wireless security to your asset. The 120dB two-tone siren will sound when the burglar tries to theft your car. The“activates remote chrip” in-built helps you to find your car easily in the bustling garage.

3. Audiovox APS997C Car Prestige 2-Way Remote Start Keyless Entry and Security System Alarm



This latest car alarm system possesses all the features that a modern one should have. This helps the car owners to lock and unlock the car from a certain distance. This one five button system works in two way effectively. The glass mounted antenna has an intuitive LED light and valet switch. This can be used by two users simultaneously by programming with different control outputs. This has remote panic protection and intrusion alert, thus making it a safety device for all, especially women.

2. Scytek Car Alarm System with Keyless Entry & Two 4-button Chrome Remotes



This portable and light in weight alarm system is easy to carry after locking the cars. You can open the lock of the car doors just by pressing the buttons in the system. When the intruder tries to open your car, it raises an alarm and alerts you. You get two four button remotes. There is separate lock and unlock buttons.

1. AutoPage C3-RS730LCD 4-Channel 5-Button Chrome LCD Alarm with Remote Car Starter




This alarm with remote car starters helps the car owners to start the car without the need of keys. These four channel alarms have five in-build relays for turning on the parking light, ignition 1 and 2, car starter and accessories. There is an additional relay to disable the starter. The LCD screen in this system emits seven colors for back lighting. The 2-way paging transceiver with its LCD display sends and receives the frequency bands at high rates.

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