Top 10 Best Bread Loaf Slicer Reviews

Bread slicer is a simple but very useful tool in your kitchen. But when you buy one, you should be aware of what is in the market and which one is for you. Here we have listed a few to choose from.

10. TOOGOO Kitchen Pro Bread Loaf Slicer Slicing Cutter Cutting Cuts Even Slices Guide Tool



This bread slicer is very famous for the looks it bears and the evenly sized pieces it helps you to slice. The package includes a bread loaf slicer which is white in color and matches any décor. The slicer can be easily cleaned by simply dumping the crumbs from the crumb catcher. The design is to facilitate the easy cutting of the bread loaf. By giving it support from both the sides.

9. Bread Slicer – Multi-functional



This bread loaf slicer is Japanese in origin and facilitates cutting of the loaf in four different thicknesses of 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm and 2.5cm. This slicer has been designed to accommodate a regular sized bread loaf and is easy to clean too. The storage is easy as it can be simply folded and slid into the dish rack. This has additional benefit s it can even be used to cut cheese and ham. The color is soothing white which goes very well with any kind of decor.

8. DB-Tech Bamboo Wood Compact Foldable Bread Slicer



The slicer is one useful thing which will give an elegant look to your kitchen as well as cut slices of three different thicknesses of 1.2cm, 1.0cm and 0.8cm. it has been designed keeping in mind the convenience factor as it folds over itself to be stored with ease. Also the material used is 100% bamboo wood which is biocompatible as well as biodegradable making it safe for you and environment both. This product is good for use in bakery or home and can be used for even making loaf cakes. The dimensions of the slicer are such that you can store the slicer in a very convenient.

7. 1 X Bread Slicer – Kitchen Slicing Guide Cutter Loaf Bagel Applicable



If you are searching for a bread slicer that is quick to work with and easy to handle then you must buy this bread slicer which one of the ideal bread machines. This slicer is even easy to clean up by just dumping the crumbs from the crumb collector. The plastic is durable and hygienic with high safety factor for health. The dimensions are ideal and can be dismantled for storage purposes. This piece is unique in itself and gives worth to your kitchen.

6. Norpro 370 Bread Slicer and Guide with Crumb Catcher6buynow

The slicer here is large enough to accommodate any size of bread loaf and comes with a crumb catcher which makes the work of bread slicing very neat. The bread crumbs fall into a removable crumb catcher which can be dumped when the work is complete. The crumb catcher is made of hardwood which not only makes the unit stable while working but also gives it a rich look. To add to its grace and ease of slicing there is provided an acrylic slicing guide. It will definitely enhance the look of your kitchen.

5. UDTEE 1PCS Compact and Foldable Kitchen Baking Bread/Loaf/Toast Slicer/Cutter Cutting-Cuts Even Slices (1)



This slicer is available in dark brown color which goes with any décor and is suggestive of its use with bread. The material used is ABS plastic which is sturdy and resists scratches. Also the temperature resistance of this slicer is high. This bread loaf slicer is easy to handle and equally convenient to store as it folds easily. The pricing is quite right as compared to the quality and durability of the product which gives equal slices of bread in less efforts.

4. KitchenCraft Bread Keeper Expanding



This bread loaf slicer is unique in its property that it also has a bread box. This bread box helps in easy storage of bread. The bread box even has small vents which are a provision to keep the bread fresh even during its storage. The slicing guide is evenly spaced and holds the bread nicely when you cut it. The white color goes with any color combination in the kitchen and adds freshness to it. You could even gift it to someone.

3. Maple Bread Slicer Classic – Solid Hard Maple, Heavy Duty Bread Slicer



This elegant and sturdy piece of art is for you cut your bread in style. This bread slicer is made up of hard maple and has been fixed with stainless steel screws. Also, the slicer is provided with rubber feet to prevent it from sliding when you apply force to cut the bread loaf. The open sides allow you to cut any size of loaf and you could store it without it being noticed. This is handmade slicer and you could even stack items on it while storing it.

2. Presto Pride Bread Slicing System




This white colored bread loaf slicer is unique as it gives you an angle while you cut your freshly made bread loaf. This angulation helps you by making it easier to cut as the hands do not touch the counter top, making it more convenient. The slices are cut in even thickness and the edges are smooth. The side walls make contact with the outer walls of the bread loaf and support them to keep them intact while cutting.

1. Bread Slicer Elite, Brushed Stainless Steel Guide and Maple Wood Bread Board (5 Inch Loaf)



This is the most stylish of all the bread loaf slicers. The base of this bread slicer is made up of hard maple while the slicing guide is a high quality stainless steel arch. This look of the steel arch is brushed steel finish giving it shiny yet subtle look. The biggest advantage of this slicer after its looks is that you could cut without much of hassle and store it equally conveniently. The rubber feet prevent the slicer from sliding while in use. It is handmade. One thing you have to keep in mind that the loaf width should not be greater than 5”.

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