Top 10 Best Brake Pads Reviews

Car manufacturers and even the government have pretty high standards for the factory fitted braking systems. This ensures your safety to a great extent. But there are no quality standards when it comes to brake pads. So, if ware about to get these pads replaced in your car, it is entirely up to you to make sure that your make the right choice. This decision can be made a little easy with the help of the reviews given below. The top ten best brake pads are enlisted below along with their rank from 10 to

10. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC465A ceramic disc pad set 10buynow

These brake pads are designed to ensure a safe and quite braking. The pads absorb all the heat and vibrations involved. The pads are engineered to adapt automatically according to the different temperature conditions. This keeps the pads from cracking or getting damaged in any other way. It is made for front wheels and comes with installation hardware.

9. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC1397 ceramic disc pad set9buynow

The bake pad set is very long lasting and efficient. It does not let dust inside to make sure the friction remains max. The pads are completely free from asbestos. The Integrally Molded Insulator, or IMI, is used to provide a quiet and efficient braking. It has a 12 month or 12000 mile warranty for rotor and drum.

8. ACDelco 17D1210CH professional durastop ceramic front disc brake pad set



You get a reliable and quick braking with the help of these brake pads. The ceramic, organic and semi-metallic friction material is made to minimize noise and vibrations. The heat from braking is absorbed and dispersed very efficiently. The pads come with eh installation hardware and a detailed manual containing all the information you might need about the product. It is quite reasonably priced.

7. Wagner ThermoQuiet QC923 ceramic disc pad set7buynow

This brake pad set can make your car’s braking better than it ever was. It is made for front tires and comes with the installation hardware. Anybody can install it using the instruction manual, but it is still advised that you use expert help. The pads provide quick and quiet braking along with a very long life.

6. Bosch BP840 QuietCast premium disc brake pad set



Bosch is the most popular name in the market of car parts. The company has used a lot of resources to create very efficient brake pads. The multi layer shim provides strength along with insulation against noise. The brake pads are relatively lighter – just 2 pounds. It is meant for the front wheels of a medium sized vehicle. The synthetic lubricant is included in the package.

5. Centric 105.1336 Posi Quiet ceramic brake pad with shims



These extremely light brake pads, just 1 pound, are very powerful. The OE style manufacturing and high pressure ensures that the pads get even density throughout. This gives a consistent friction for a long time. It is quite stable for wide ranges of temperature.

4. EBC brakes DP61799 6000 series greenstuff truck and SUV brake pad



As it is clear by the name, these brake pads are made for big vehicles like truck and SUV. To ensure the safety of these heavy vehicles the brakes are extremely powerful and provide a quick stop. You can very easily replace your current car brake pads with EBC brakes and improve your car’s performance.

3. Toyota genuine parts 04465-48150 front brake pad set



The brake pads are manufactured by Toyota but can also be used for cars of other brands. You should check that it is compatible with your cat before you buy it. Toyota has quite high standards when it comes to safety and all those standards are fulfilled by these pads. They are not made from ceramic, unlike most of the other brake pads you see in the market. They are made for the front wheels. Installation hardware is not included.

2. Hawk performance HB445F.610 HPS ceramic brake pad



The HPS here stands for High Performance Street. It is made especially for the busy and unpredictable streets of crowded cities. The brakes are extremely powerful. They are 20 to 40% more powerful than other brake pads under most circumstances. They produce high torque throughout a wide range of temperatures. Made of ceramic, these brakes only weigh 2.1 pounds. The brakes are heavy duty and very long lasting.

1. TRW TPC1322 premium ceramic front disc brake pad set



These brakes are designed with primary focus on dust reduction because it is one of the main causes of loss of power of brakes. The ceramic material ensures high friction with least noise. The rubber coated steel shims also help in this. Essential hardware is included in the package to ensure fast and easy installation. Being slotted and chamfered also makes these brakes extremely powerful.

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