Top 10 Best Bookstores In The World Which Makes Reading A Brand New Experience

BBC has compiled ten of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. Some bookstores are not only very beautiful, but they are more distinctive. Let us to look at these bookstores together.

1.The Dutch Maastricht Polare bookstore


In 2006, the bookstore was reconstructed from a 13 th-century Dominican church. You can study and read here, but reading is no longer reading, it is more like religious experience. However, the bookstore now faced the crisis of closing, because Polare companies have declared bankruptcy in February in 2013, and now the bookstore staff is launched a campaign trying to save the store from being closed.

2.Buenos Aires, Argentina Buenos Aires bookstore


The bookstore was a theatre before and originally founded in 1919. In 1929, it was reconstructed into the cinema, then into the bookstore. In the bookstore, You can see zenith painting, luxuriant sculpture or a big red drapery. Buenos Aires still retains the original spectacular and guests can enjoy a comfortable sitting and reading in the theater box.

3.Venice, Italy Libreria Acqua Alta bookstore


The bookstore is probably the only one under the water in the world, which is located beside Venice canal. In order to prevent books blistering, the employees must have certain ability to arrange books well against occasional floods hit. The boss has to move the books to a higher shelf by dressing on rubber boots

4.Nanjing pioneer bookstore in China


Nanjing pioneer bookstore is originally a parking lot and it is also a place of shelter. The bookstore is located under the Wutai mountain stadium. A statue of sculptured replica rodin’s thinker was set beside the door. It has won the award for one of the world’s most beautiful bookstores.

5.El Pendulo bookstore,In Mexico


The bookstore can make people avoid hot weather in Mexico, at the same time also can cultivate one’s morality. Customers can quickly access two layers of bookshelves and can enjoy live music show sitting in cafes.

6.Portugal bordeaux Livraria Lello bookstore


The bookstore was opened in the early 19th century, and has a huge wooden stair, exquisite carving, walls, columns, and the stained glass windows were drawn with the beautiful design. There is also a window on the top ceiling which allow the skylight come through.

7.Bart ‘s Books bookstore, California, USA


Bart ‘s Books claimed to be the world’s largest outdoor bookstore. It was established in 1964. The boss, Richard Bartinsdale, put his unuseful books on the shelves which are along the street. If passers want to buy books, then they can just left money in the coffee pot. Now the bookstore has nearly 1 million books. Besides, the bookstore has a garden which allows customers playing chess while reading books.

8.France baptised &company bookstore, In Paris


The shop was opened in 1951. The boss is an American, named George Whitman. In 2011, after his death, his daughter, Sylvia, takes over the store, and often gathers many authors to discuss here. When the bookstore has just opened, the boss allowed some travelling artists and writers to stay in the bookstore.

9.Italian milan Corso Como bookstore


Corso Como bookstore was founded in 1991. The founder is an Italy area editor of magazine 《Vogue》:Carla Ms. Sozzani. The bookstore is also a clothing store at the same time. Moreover, it has cafes, hotels and roof garden.

10.Wales Hay – on – Honesty Wye town Bookshop bookstore


Hay – on – Wye is a scholarly town in Wales, and also is the place that book-lovers often visits. In this narrow street, there are more than 30 bookstores, but the most surprising thing is that there are so many book shelves placed on the castle lots. Visitors can not only appreciate the rock medieval architecture, also can read the second-hand books here.

After seeing these exotic bookstores, are you eager to go abroad to these places and have a look at what they are looking like. Well I just want to shout loudly, I want to read a book.


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