Top 10 Best Body Vibration Machines Reviews In 2016


The 20th and 21st century has seen a number of amazing labor and time saving inventions. This has given the population a lot of spare time for themselves and decreased drastically the amount of physical work they need to do. Inventions like fast cars and motorcycles have replaced walking. Elevators have replaced climbing stairs. Washing machines and dryers have replaced washing clothes by hand. Visiting friends, playing various sports and games outdoors are now replaced by social media and video/online games.


The downside to this however, is that thanks to these labor saving and time saving inventions, the amount of exercise people now get has decreased considerably. This in turn has made them couch potatoes and has given rise to various illnesses. Topping the charts are diabetes and obesity related problems. The number of children and adults suffering from obesity or problems like getting out of breath as a result of even the smallest of physical labor is increasing.


In order to counter the effects of lack of exercise, people have started going to gyms and exercising there. However, this requires self control and will power which most people lack. Therefore, a short cut which helps one to be fit as well as not go to the gym has also been invented. There are a number of body vibration machines which have been invented. These are popular as one need not leave the house, it tones the entire body and one can exercise while even watching TV. One can exercise at whatever time of the day they want to.

Here are the top 10 best body vibration machines:

10. Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine, Black


This is used to increase the strength of muscles, increase the circulation and thus improve general fitness. The other advantage is that it increases bone density and helps to fight cellulite.

9. Dual Motor Whole Body Vibration Machine



This machine comes with 1500 Watts power and 60 speeds. It has 6 modes as well. The dual DC motors provide for triangular oscillation and triplanar vibrations. There are 3 user defined programs which can be set as well as 4 automatic programs as well.

8. Merax Full Body Vibration Platform Slim Fitness Machine


This vibration platform doubles up as a crazy fit massager. It has 3 preset programmes. It has different speed ranges and massage vibration ranges, It also has yoga straps to improve the strength of the upper body and arms. The display screen and console is very easy to operate.

7. Merax Whole Body Vibration Platform Machine 2000W


This vibration plate comes with a 2000W silent motor and it has 160 levels of speed. Therefore the workout can be as vigorous as one intends it to be.

6. Merax Full Body Crazy Fit Vibration Platform Fitness Machine


This has 1000W power and various ranges of speed and massage vibration. The yoga straps improve the upper body and arms as well. It helps the user to build muscle, tone their muscles and decrease weight as well as cellulite. The console and window display screens are easy to operate.

5. Whole Full Body Vibration Plate Exercise Machine 42 Hz High Speed



The speed ranges from 5Hz and goes up to 42 Hz which gives great workouts. Due to it’s size it is easy to store, protable and one can take it when one travels. There are soft and strong vibration modes as well.

4. Axis-Plate Whole Body Vibration Machine Exercise Platform



Most high end fitness gyms use this as it has a strong motor which is silent as well. It also consumes minimal power and has frequencies from 4Hz to 30Hz.There are 60 speed settings and upto 23.6G’s can be delivered. It has an inbuilt body mass index calculator to help motivate the user.

3. Gadget Fit Power Vibration Plate



Less than 10 minutes on this equals an hour of normal workouts. It helps to reduce stress and fatigue as well as improves the balance. This is in addition to the features like increasing muscle mass, body fat reduction and better flexibility.

2. 2010 Crazy Fit Massager Full Body Vibration Exercise Machine By Luyuan Inc



Most commercial gyms rave about this as it offers repeated stretch reflexes needed by any good workout. It comes with a waist belt support. The features are that the body soreness is decreased and it also provides a relaxing effect and lowers cortisol levels of the body.

1. 2015 Merax Full Body Slim Vibration Platform Fitness Machine


This machine comes with 1000W power. Which allows for various speeds and massage vibrations. The machine also has 3 LED windows which are for programs, time and speed to be measured. The yoga straps too help with upper body and arms strength and muscle tone.


These machines in addition to improving muscle strength and metabolism, increases circulation, reduces the thread veins and decreases the number of varicose veins. Regular usage decreases stress levels and increases the natural collagen in the body. As a result the skin appears better and more youthful. It improves bone density, the balance and co-ordination. It also increases flexibility. However, one must exercise caution when investing in these machines especially if one is suffering from joint problems, has heart conditions or is using a pacemaker.

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