Top 10 Best Blu-Ray Players Reviews In 2016

Blu-Ray Player is an essential component for a high end home theater system. If you want to build a fully functioned home theater, then you should not miss out this great device. It can help
you to watch the blu ray movies quite easy. However, there are so many products online, you probably don’t know which one you should buy. We have created this list for your convenience. Enjoy!

10.Pioneer Elite BDP-80FD 3D-Compatible Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player



This Pioneer Elite Blu-ray player offers 1080p HD video output. It also features cleaning up YouTube clips and other Internet videos, while optimizing them for larger screens. The Wi-Fi Direct technology allows you to stream your favorite music and videos from your mobile device directly to the system. It also has built-in support for the highest-quality surround sound formats, such as Dolby and DTS, which will guarantee the great sound effect at your home.

9.Onkyo BD-SP809 Blu-Ray Disc Player – Black



Also a high quality blu-ray player worth buying. With the support of 3D playback, it is quite easy for you to watch any 3D audios or movies. The high quality video effect with as much as 1080p resolution can greatly improve your movie picture experience. It is also supporting different image format such Dolby TrueHD as well as Dolby Digital Plus.

8.Yamaha BD-S677BL Blu-Ray Player



Many people give their positive feedback to this player. It is a device that can be compatible with different format video or discs. It also supports connection with your smartphone and tablets. Another powerful feature is, you can watch video through Dropbox which is also supported by this player. It is convenient by using the app to control it.

7.iVid BD780 3D Blu-Ray DVD Player



Ivid BD780 is a very useful device that can give many benefits to their customers. It has capacity of playing different Blu ray discs. You can enjoy the high quality video experience by its 1080 HD resolution. And you can connect it with the internet easily and it is also compatible with PAL and NTSC system.

6.Philips BDP2100/F7B Factory Refurbished – Bluray Disc Player



There are many benefits for their users by using this blu ray player. This player can bring you the best image quality up to 1080 HD solution and you can easily to access your Netflix account. And you can also connect this device with internet easily. In addition, the stylish designs make it stand out for your home decoration as well.

5.OPPO BDP-103 Universal Disc Player



This is another powerful blu ray player which can support many formats media files including CD, VCD, DVD and so on. The dual core processor enable it process the playing stream quite fast and smooth. The unique Qdeo technique offers high quality video effect to their customers.

4.LG Electronics BP540 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player



This is space saving device you can buy it now. It comes with many interesting characters that quite useful and practical. You can easily access many video resources website such as Netflix, youtube, Vudu and so on. It can also connect the internet very fast.

3.Panasonic DMP-BDT225 Smart Wi-Fi 3D Blu-ray Player



This is high end blu ray player for sale. It is built in with wifi connector for easy accessing internet. And it has very fast loading speed compare with other products which can make your movie playing much easier and smoother. This device also allows you browse your films online and you can also use smartphone share the interesting content from it.

2.Samsung BD-F5700 Wi-Fi Blu-Ray Player (2013 Model)



This is another top rated and best selling product on the market. Its wifi build in system allows you access the internet quite easier and faster. With its compatible capacity with different playback format, you can easily play different format files.

1.Sony BDPS3200 Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi



This is a top selling product on our list. It can play more than 200 kings of streaming service. Its miracast technology can also mirror your cell phone screen to TV. The unique IP Noise Reduction technology can greatly improve the picturing quality of your favorite films.

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