Top 10 Best Bike Helmets Reviews

Helmet is a personal protective equipment used by the bicycle riders to protect themselves from head injuries while riding the bike. These helmets are available in different sizes and colors for both men and women. So, you can choose the right one as per your requirements among the following Top 10 road bike helmets

10. Bell Fraction Multi-Sport Helmet



This bell fraction Multi sport helmet gives a fashionable look to the wearer. The best part of this helmet is its hard plastic shell which gives rigid protection for your head. This gives dual protection to your head part and is light in weight. This is comfortable to wear for a long time without causing any kind of irritation. It has 12 vents for proper air circulation. This bike helmets adults is perfect to wear while riding a bicycle or when you are participating in a bicycle race.

9. Critical Cycles Classic Commuter Bike And Skate Helmet



 This type of helmet is comfortable and stylish to wear while riding a bicycle or a bike. Most importantly, this helmet is being tested and was approved. Moreover, this was designed as per the safety standards. This classic commuter bike and skate helmet has ample vents that keep you cool despite of cycling for a long time. You can adjust the head-belt without getting slipped as per your convenience. The ABS encase provides bullet proof safety. The padding technology embedded inside the helmet absorb sweat and bacteria and keeps you dry and fresh throughout the day.  This helmet is the perfect option while commuting on a single speed city bike. You can pick the right color that better suits your personality from variousbike helmets design.

8. Schwinn Thrasher Adult Micro Bicycle Black/Grey Helmet Adult



This bike helmets youth is a synonym for style. The bikers who want to make a fashion statement while riding bicycle can purchase this modeled helmet. Moreover, despite of making you look stylish, this also gives ample protection to your head. This is an adult helmet that comes with adjustable fit. The 21 vents keeps the bike rider cool all the time. The moisture wicking pad inside the helmet absorbs the sweat and bacteria, thereby keeping the bikers head dry and fresh. The easily adjustable web gives a comfortable fit to the biker. The visor protects you from dust and grime while riding.

7. Giro Revel Helmet



This bike helmets that look good is perfect for the people riding the bicycles in slopes and other dangerous areas to protect themselves from head injuries. This helmet has 22 vents, which keeps the biker cool and fresh all the time. This helmet is made of high quality shell material that provide bullet proof safety for the biker and skater. You can adjust the head belt as per your convenience. The best part of this bike helmets brands is that, it is highly durable and last for a long time even after extreme wear and tear.

6. Schwinn Adult Thrasher Helmet



This light in weight, stylish and affordable helmet is perfect for the bicycle riders to protect themselves from head injuries. The LED safety light on the helmet shows you the path in the darkness. The 20 flow vents keeps you cool and fresh despite of riding throughout the day. The dirt bike helmets youth visor protects you from all the dust elements. The added feature to this helmet is the tapeless technology that adds a modern touch to the helmet. The head sealed pads provides ample comfort. You can ensure a proper fit by adjusting the side straps.

5. Schwinn Aereos Adult Bike Helmet



This stylish yet light in weight schwinn bike helmets youth is perfect for the youth bike riders. This helmet is available in various vibrant colors, you can pick the right color that helps you to reflect your style and personality to other riders. The twist lock straps in this helmet ensure a proper fit. The 12 vents keeps you cool despite of riding the bicycle for a long time. Moreover, it is comfortable to wear for a long time due to its light weight. The durability and cost-effective price are garnering the attention of the bikers to purchase this bike helmets brands.

4. Bell Women’s Thalia Bike Helmet



This bike helmets women is perfect for women to look chic while riding the bicycle. The adjustable straps ensure a snug fit to the riders. The 16 vents in this helmet keeps the rider cool by providing ample ventilation while riding the bike. The tapeless technology and in-build visor protects the bikers from all the dust elements. The pinch guards keep you away from pinching. The stylish look and comfort are grabbing the attention of young women bike riders to purchase this helmet.

3. Giro Me2 Infant/Toddler Bike Helmet



This helmet is exclusively produced for infant to protect their heads while skating or riding a bicycle. This lightweight and stylish helmet gives ample protection to your little darlings. Most importantly, this helmet does not put any burden on the tiny tot’s head and is comfortable to wear for a long time. The 6 vents in the helmet provide ample ventilation. You can adjust the straps as per the head size of the infant. People can bike helmets buy online for a cost-effective price.

2. Schwinn Intercept Adult Micro Bicycle Helmet (Adult, Blue)



This type of helmet is fully-equipped with comfort and safety features. The dial fit adjustment systems ensure proper fit. Moreover, the adjustable web strap helps you to adjust the belt around the chin as per your comfort level. The 10 vents ensure proper air circulation. The sealed pads keep the sweat at a bay. The bike helmets design and visor protects your eyes and face from sun rays and dust.

1. Giro Air Attack Shield Helmet



This type of bike helmets 2015 is perfect to protect your head while riding the bicycles in hilly areas or other dangerous areas. This modeled helmet is available in awide variety of colors. You can remove the X-static padding when not in use. The slim buckle helps you to adjust the head strap as per your convenience. This is made of shell material that last for a long time, despite of extreme wear and tear. The rustic look, affordable price, light in weight and comfort are grabbing the adult bikers to purchase it.


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