Top 10 Best Bicycle Floor Pumps In 2015 Reviews

If you have a bicycle , you must have an experience of going to gas station or bike repair store for pumping your bike frequently. Most of you may feel this is quite inconvenient. In fact, you won’t need to spend a lot and you can gain a nice and high quality bicycle floor pump for your convenience. Most of these products are quite durable and can fit for multiple  models of bicycles. They don’t need too much maintenance and can be comparable with most professional pumps used in store. Besides, they are quite easy to carry with you. Today we have collected these top 10 best bicycle floor pumps for you and hope they can help you to find best product.

10. Topeak Joe Blow Sport II Floor Pump



Do you try to find out a premium bicycle pump that you can count on?  And do you want to get the good value without paying too much? Then JoeBlow floor pump is one the best choices with high quality materials and components. The steel base can give you more stability while using it and the handles is over sized to make sure reach as much as comfort. All the products made by Joeblow must be tested to ensure their durability and quality.

9.Serfas TCPG Bicycle Floor Pump



This is renowned 160 PSI bicycle pump for both  amateurs and professionals. It is designed as a quite simple model and can fits for both presta and schrader valves. All barrel is made of metal and the base is fabricated by nylon. Also It will provide you with ball and accessory attachments to bring more convenience to you.

8.Schwinn 5-in-1 Floor Pump



Schwinn is more famous for its high performance bicycles within past decades, but actually they also produce several floor pumps including this top selling product. It is quite light weight and easy to use locking pump.  It also contains five functions for different using purpose. Plus the wide base is well fit for best stability you want. The extra large and easy reading pressure gauge can help you to get the most precise filling. All in all, this is good product worth buying.

7. AerGun X-1000 Bike Pump



I do like this bicycle pump with neon green theme and I believe it will be quite easy to find out in the night or dark condition. The overall design make it looks quite stylish, aesthetic and also durable that is the best choice for travelling. Combined with easy to read pressure gauge, as well as adjustable indicator, you can accurate fill your bicycle each time. Moreover, the manufacturer provides 2 year guarantee for this product.

6.Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump



Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump is a quite durable and high quality product that can bring you as much as 160 psi pressure while you inflate your bicycles. It is well designed and  ergonomic and three colors available. It fits for both presta and schrader valve types.

5.BV Floor Pump



This is a worth buying brand in the bicycle market. This is one of best functional products of BV with the pump pressure as much as 160 PSI. It is quite powerful and contains head valve for both presta and schrader valves. And the pressure gauge can accurately inflate your tires. You can stop guessing how much you have filled in. The well designed steel barrel is quite ergonomic and can optimize the safety and your comfort.

4.Retrospec Bicycles Floor Pump



This product is featured by the sturdy base and the extra large hose and gauge which can easily and accurately to read the pressure. They also provide you with 3 accessory tips which can help inflate sports balls, yoga balls and many other devices. The maximum pressure it can provide is 160 PSI. Ergonomic design can orients well with your body and ensure you have a fast and comfortable inflating experience. It is also designed for universal valve that is for presta and schrader tires.

3.Nashbar Earl Grey Floor Pump



This is a high performance and quite durable accessory you can find on today’s market. With the most providing pressure of 160 PSI, you can inflate your tire fast and easily. It is designed ergonomically. The handles are well padded which makes it quite comfortable without irritating your wrist or elbows when you pump. The sturdy base and the large pressure gauge can also ensure your inflating easy, stable and accurate.

2.Beto High Pressure Bicycle Floor Pump



This is a high pressure bicycle pump as much as 160 PSI at peak and is also quite affordable. Looking at the overall, I could say it is really a stylish and ergonomic floor pump that can orients body well and thus you will feel quite comfortable. As you can see, Beto has wide handles which can reduce strain from wrists to avoid injuries. It is also fit for presta and schrader valves.

1.Bell Air Attack 450 Floor Pump



This is quite cost-effective product available on the market. You don’t need to spend hundreds dollars to buy a high quality floor pump. This one is quite affordable. It features by a simple valve head which can easily fit for both presta and schrader valves and the pump head is easy to adapt without necessarily removing the cap. And the manufacturer provides one year warranty. That sounds quite reliable.



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