Top 10 Best Baby Trikes Reviews

If you want to buy a gift for your young one, a tricycle or trike can be a great option. It is fun and exciting, and allows your baby to have a taste of riding a bike at a very early age. Being such an important gift, it should be selected very carefully. There are hundreds of products in the market and all of them look good the first time. You will have to compare them on grounds of comfort, ease, durability, price, style and all such things. To make your job easier, a list of the 10 best bay trikes is given below, along with the reviews.

10. Radio Flyer 4 in 1 Trike



This is an amazing 4 in 1 baby trike that makes your life a lot easier. Also it saves a lot of money as you will have to buy only one thing instead of four. It can be your baby’s companion from age of 9 months to 5 years. As your baby grows, the trike can be made to suit her needs with little adjustments. It has a 3 point harness to keep your baby safe. The best part is that the pedals switch to foot rests when you are pushing the trike. This keeps the baby comfortable.

9. Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle



It is a baby trike with parent handle. While your baby is riding it, you can steer and push using the handle. It has foot rests to keep the ride comfortable when you are pushing. Thus, it can act as a stroller too. The handle can be easily removed when your kid learns to ride safely. There are small baskets in the front and the back to keep useful stuff, like toys and supplies.

8. VTech 3 in 1 Learning Zebra Scooter



This baby trike 3 in 1 acts as a walker, sit and push bicycle and a stand push scooter. You will have to make simple and easy adjustments to switch from one to other. Along with fun, it also helps the baby to learn new things. It teaches colors and animals to the toddler. It comes with more than 90 sing along songs and several melodies. Besides that, there are horns, light and buttons that make sounds. And it is quite cheap considering all the features.

7. Little Trikes 3 in 1 trike



If you are looking for a baby trike stroller, this is one of the best options in the market. You can push and steer the trike using the parent handle. This handle can be removed, giving the baby freedom to control it. When you are pushing the baby can use the foot rests. Otherwise foot rests can be folded or even detached. There is also a detachable shed canopy that can be adjusted to any angle. It has a large bucket in the back that comes with a dumping feature.

6. Fisher Price Roll Rock and Ride



This trike has three different functions. The first one is as a rocker. Your toddler can sit on it and move back and forth to have some fun. This makes it a great baby trike for 6 months old. When she gets a little bigger, you can change it into a push trike. Using the parent handle, you can push the trike while the baby is using the foot rests. Finally, when the baby is big enough, you can remove the parent handle and let her loose. It is made of durable material and can accompany your kid for years.

5. Fisher Price Barbie Tough



This is a really amazing baby trike bike. It is fun yet strong. The durable and strong material can last for years to come. It is suitable for kids of 24 months to 6 years in age. The trike has very comfortable seat and an easy grip handle. The wheels are very wide for a strong grip and easy control. There is a storage compartment under the seat. The trike is simple and extremely cheap.

4. Little Trikes 4 in 1 Ride On



It is hard to find a baby push trike better than this. The trike is comfortable, fun, safe and a lot more. You can push and steer it using the detachable parent handle while the baby enjoy the ride on comfy chair. Otherwise you can remove the parent handle and let your baby drive. The seat can adjusted to four different positions according to size of your baby. It has a 5 point harness and safety bars to keep the baby away from any harm.

3. Fisher Price grow with me trike



This is a simple to ride and easy to control trike. It can very well be your baby’s first trike. The seat position can be adjusted as your baby grows. Pedals can also be adjusted for a better fit. Material used in this is very durable and long lasting. The simple design ensures a comfort ride for the baby. The thick handle also is a very useful feature.

2. Radio Flyer All Terrain Stroll n Trike



This baby trike with rubber wheels is designed for all types of terrains. It can be changed between a stroller, a parent push trike and a trike with easy adjustments. The seat can also be adjusted as the baby grows. The seat has a three point harness to ensure safety. Detachable shed canopy will protect your baby. The trike also has a wrap around tray with a cup holder.

1. Schwinn Roadster 12-Inch Trike (Blue)



This is top rated and high quality trike for your baby. It is designed very cute and beautiful and the chrome handles equipped with bell and long tassels. The seat is also adjustable for the optimum comfort and supporting. The frame is using heavy duty steel and thus this is quite durable trike you can buy.

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