Top 10 Benefits of Lemon Balm Tea


Falling under the mint family, the lemon balm is an herb that is very popularly used to cam and soothes the nerves. The leaf has a pleasant lemon fragrance and is graciously used in a lot of deserts including cakes, ice creams and tarts. Traditionally the oil extracted from this leaf has been used for medicinal purposes to heal the skin, the liver and even treat disorders of the nervous system. The oil is particularly used in aroma therapy to heal and rejuvenate the skin and the mind as well.

If you are wondering what is lemon balm used for then well, there are many lemon balm uses. Now lemon balm tea is particularly effective in soothing the nerves and pain in the body. Listed below are the top ten benefits of lemon balm tea.

10.Relieving from Insomnia

The problem of insomnia has become very common among people of all ages. This particular problem is related with nearly complete loss of sleep. Sufferers find it extremely difficult to cal down and this is where the benefits of lemon balm tea come in the picture. Anxiety is the main cause of this sleep problem and this tea is helps greatly in calming the anxiety and the apprehension. Various clinical studies have shown that a mix of lemon balm tea with other herbs helps in relaxing the nerves and helps the body to sleep. Studies conducted in Maryland and Michigan has proved the effectiveness of this amazing leaf in de-stressing the patients and calming them down.

9.Improving Digestion

Lemon balm benefits are many and one of them includes the lemon balm tea. The consumption of this tea made of the lemon balm leaves improves the process of digestion. What it basically does is also to increase the metabolic process and also help in increasing the immunity of the consumer. Gastrointestinal disorders are cured and it also soothes the digestive tract. Enables better bowel movement. Therefore over all an excellent herb that is almost multifunctional. These have been scientifically proven by the Georgetown University Medical Centre.

8.Calming Anxiety and Depression

Depression is a common problem and has been ruining the lives of many. It silently kills of energy and hope of an individual. With depression comes anxiety and along with high blood pressure and a lot of other problems that are major life claimers today. A cup of lemon balm tea alleviates the mental state and reduces the level of tension and apprehension. A great refreshment and reliever from sad mental states.

7. Treating Alzheimer’s

One disease that comes without warning once you have crossed the age of approximately forty is Alzheimer’s. The forgetfulness, the short term memory losses and along with it comes the pain of a failed memory. Studies have shown that lemon balm benefits by improving the cognitive mechanisms of the individual and reduce anxiety and depression. It almost acts as a sedative and the University of Maryland Medical Centre has proved this benefit. It contains Citral A and B that basically works as the sedative. Apart from actually preventing and reducing the chances of Alzheimer’s and dementia, it has been proven to actually improve the memory and elongate the attention span of an individual.

6.Helps with Regular Menstruation

Problems of menstruation are quite common among most women. This can be due to many reasons such as hormonal imbalances, cists or just a late flow. Having regular periodical cycles is very important to maintain a balance and also avoid the possibility of ovarian cists and cervical cancer. With irregular periods comes in extreme cramps and aches that get often get quite unbearable. Now this is where the benefits of the lemon balm plant come in. Lemon balm tea actually helps in maintain regular cycles and also relieves extreme pelvic pain.

5.Curing the Flu

When it comes to common cold and fever, a wholesome sup of lemon balm tea is extremely helpful in soothing the irritation. It makes the body sweat, in turn bringing down the high temperature and relieving the patient of the fever. It also helps in preventing and also to an extent curing common cold and headaches that’s that come along with it. Its antibacterial properties help in curing the fever and its anti-oxidants flushes out the toxin and helps in building a strong system with a good immunity.

4.Treating Thyroid

The problem of thyroid is quite grave. It brings along with it a lot more physical issues that leads to permanent damages in the system that cannot be easily altered. In such cases lemon balm tea helps in preventing the activity of the thyroid producing hormones and balances the levels.

3.Body Pains

Pain in the tooth, leg, back or head and other several ailments including asthma as well can be cured with the help of lemon balm tea. Lemon balm tea is very useful when it comes to these problems. Headaches can be very painful and do can be toothaches. It is quite difficult to calm down the head pains and this is where the lemon balm benefits come in. In terms of toothache, most of us choose to go for medication in the form of tablets and capsules. This may relieve the pain for the time being but can actually have a lot of side effects that result in irregular bowel movements and even fever and pain in the stomach. This however is not an issue when it comes to using lemon balm.

2. Treating Herpes

The lemon balm tea actually helps with the sores that are created by the herpes virus. It actually prevents the spread of further infections and also relieves of the itchiness, burn and the pain that the sores cause. It not only reduces the possibility of further spreading but also significantly reduces reoccurrences as well. The anti-bacterial properties and the rosmaniric acid the tea contains helps to soothe down the sores internally as well. The University of Georgetown has shown significant results in healing the sores of herpes patients.

1. Mental Clarity

One of the most important uses of the lemon balm plant is the making of its tea. Since it relaxes the nerves and calms down the brain activities that are the causes of depression, it increases concentration power and increases the attention span of the individual. Easing the sleep disorders and relieving anxiety, this tea is extremely beneficial in calming down the nerves.

Therefore all in all if still in doubt and confused about what to do with lemon balm tea then you can try it yourself or ask anyone medical knowledge about the benefits of this amazing herb. From curing headaches to sores and dementia to insomnia, the properties and benefits of this lemon balm leaf is many.

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