Top 10 Beauty Benefits Of Green Tea


It may have originated in China but is no more restricted to its borders only. Green tea has found it popularity all over the world. It goes through the minimal tea processing method and almost remains true and pure to its form. Its distinct greenish yellow color is what sets it apart from the others. Rich in anti-oxidants, amino acids, magnesium, potassium and many more beneficiary elements, this tea is n all rounder. It helps to reduce fat and surprisingly has a lot of beauty benefits to it as well. Daily consumption of green tea not only helps the skin and hair but helps in prevention of diabetes, obesity, fungal and bacterial infection and even to an extent helps to reduce the probability of cancerous cells. Therefore listed below are the beauty benefits of green tea.

10.Prevention of Acne

Acne is a problem that is common amongst children and adult alike. Extreme acne problems even results in the whole face getting filled with them. It usually happens due to hormonal imbalances, too much oily skin, pollution and junk food. This is where the benefits of green tea comes in. full of anti-oxidants, it flushes out all the impurity and cleans the system that in turn affects the health of the skin. The catechin present in this tea regulates the hormonal imbalance and flushes out the acne causing bacteria. Thus giving you a glowing and blemish free skin.

9.Say No to Chemical Sunscreen

An amazing benefit of green tea is that it acts as a natural sunscreen. Protecting the skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, and preventing the free radical particles from settling on the skin and weakening its health. It chances of sun burn is reduced as well if applied before stepping out into the heat. Even if the skin is already burned, it neutralizes the effect and soothes the skin and restores the effects. The tannic acid and polyphenols present it the tea is what does the trick.

8.No More Dark Circles

The increasing work pressure of everyday life along with the pollution and the ever decreasing hours of sleep is what results in dark circles, puffy eyes and patches under the eyes as well. This is completely undesirable and makes the face look tired and even older. However green tea with its added anti-oxidants and tannic acid not only prevents the dark circles from coming but relives you of it, if you already are suffering from it. The swelling and the puffiness is reduced by shrinking the blood cells under the eyes and altering the affect. A regular intake of a cup of green tea will make you less prone to these undesirable skin conditions.

7.A Natural Toner

Toning is very important for the skin and actually helps in keeping the skin tight and firm. Most toner available in the market is chemical laden and many a times have reverse effects on the skin. This is where the use of green tea, an all natural toner helps the skin. Keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated without drying it out and also reduces the amount of large pores from creating trouble by attracting dirt. It gives a radiant glow and helps reduce the impurities.

6.Anti-Ageing Benefits

Ageing is a natural process and it will happen for everyone. But with aging come wrinkles and a lot more other ski issues that become difficult to deal with. There are many anti-ageing cream and solutions available in the market and are extremely expensive. They obviously can’t alter the ageing process but helps in keeping the skin as wrinkle free as possible. But again the amounts of chemical theses cosmetic products include are dangerous and has many side effects that require medical attention. Therefore one of the natural ways to manage the ageing process gracefully is with the help of green tea. The anti-oxidants flush out the toxins in the body and keep the skin healthy. It prevents pre mature ageing and the fine lines and the spots that come along with it.

5.Increases Hair Growth

Hair fall and a reducing hair line has become a very common problem and this persists not only among the old but also the youth. The food adulteration, the diseases and the pollution has an overall effect on the hair. Split ends appear and hair starts falling at a considerably dangerous rate. Usually if this problem persists for a long time than it can cause permanent damage to hair growth. However with regular intake and periodical application of green tea leaves on the hair and the scalp has actually been proven to stimulate hair growth. The catechins and anti-oxidants present in green tea prevents hair fall and makes hair stronger and give sit more volume.

4.Excellent Hair Conditioner

Hair conditioning is extremely important. It helps in smoothening and moisturizing the hair and keeping it in control. Even though most conditioners promise it all, very few live up to it. Green tea is a natural conditioner that helps in hydrating the scalp and preventing extreme dryness and dandruff that result from it. The vitamin E, C and the panthenol that is present in the teas helps to reverse the damaging effects and leaves the hair shiny and smooth. Therefore if you have damaged hair due to too much of styling if pollution of just a regular case of falling hair then green tea is your ultimate solution.

3.Skin Exfoliation

Exfoliating the skin on a periodical basis is extremely important. Exfoliation helps in removing the dead skin cells and removes the dirt from the pores and rejuvenates the skin to give it a healthy and younger glow. These are all that green tea does the natural way. Therefore rather than resorting to chemical products that are bound to cause some side effects, it is always better to go for the natural way. Thus opting for green tea is a great solution to the problems of exfoliation.

2.Helps in Shrinking Open Pores

Large open pores are a big problem and especially they tend to accumulate around the nose, making that area particularly oily and dirty. These pores are often filled with dirt and bacteria that causes most of the skin problems and issues. It shrinks these pores and with is anti-oxidant properties. Therefore reducing the very basic of all skin problems. With reduction of open pores, the oiliness and the messiness of the skin are reduced, giving it a healthy and radiant glow.

1.Skin Complexion

Last but not the least, it improves the skin complexion. Improving the complexion does not necessarily mean getting a fairer tone, but it means a more radiant and healthy glow of the natural skin tone of your body. With years of sun damage the natural tone almost gets lost and this is what is revived by the properties of green tea. Cleans out the toxins, reduces scars and blemishes, dark spots and patches, invariably resulting in a clear and clean tone of the skin.

Therefore not only can it be enjoyed as a beverage, it has all these amazing beautifying properties. A regular intake and proper application of it will result in the desired effects. From cleaning the body of toxins to strengthening hair and reducing pimples and acne. It does it all. This non alcoholic beverage is a must for an everyday habit

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