Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Celery Stalk

Celery is one hell of a vegetable that has much been ignored due to the boring green color, simple monotonous taste and no other utility than just garnishing the dishes and salads and make them look good. But, this article will tell you what you have been missing out on celery. What all are the benefits of celery and how you must use it to make it more and more useful for your health.

The top ten benefits of a single stalk of celery are

1. This has been proven on many occasions that celery is a great means of losing weight.


You will wonder how it is possible at all to eat and lose weight but that’s true!
• First of all you will have to spend a lot of energy in chewing the celery stalk
• Even after you chew it properly and then swallow you will have to spend a lot of energy in digesting it due to its fibrous nature.
• The fiber present in celery makes the bulk of your food and keeps your stomach feeling full for a very long time.

2. Celery due to its fibrous nature keeps the intestines healthy.


Also there is as much as 95% water in celery which helps keep the intestines supple and lubricated for proper movement of food. There is not only visible and insoluble fiber in celery but also soluble fiber. Insoluble fiber has been known to make the bulk of the stool and helps in its elimination with ease. The soluble fiber however helps in the regulation of the digestive system. Also, it has been proved in many researches that celery also helps in digestion of even lipids and also keeps the lining of stomach as well as intestines protected.

3. The anti-inflammatory properties of celery are due to the presence of a plant metabolite named apeginen.


Action of apeginen is especially noted in the pain and inflammation related to arthritis. The other component that is important in reducing inflammation anywhere in the body is cortisone. It is a hormone which is active especially against inflammation. The celery has also been found to be diuretic. The people who are prone to formation of uric acid crystals in the urinary tract, joints etc. they must have celery to improve their condition.

4. Lowering of high blood pressure

Celery is a rich source of potassium and consumption of potassium lowers the sodium levels in the body till it balances out with potassium. Regular celery eating makes the balance of sodium and potassium a permanent feature thus stabilizing the blood pressure. Also, unlike the medications used to control hypertension there is no other kind of side effect on mental or physical functioning of the body. The presence of phytochemical in celery called as pthalide is also known to reduce the stress in the muscles of the arteries which carry blood to the heart and thus makes the flow more smooth reducing the blood pressure considerably.

5. Reduction in LDL

The fiber rich celery is one method that very well reduces the bad cholesterol in your body. The fibers in celery stalk, attach themselves to the particles of low density cholesterol in the intestines and thus prevents the absorption of low density cholesterol in the intestines. Also the pthalide compounds in celery are known to bring reduction in the levels of cholesterol. This has been proven by many of the studies and researches that fiber reduces cholesterol. To gain the benefits of celery you must have 1 to 2 stalks of celery every day.

6. Maintaining the alkalinity of the body


A lot of toxins accumulate in the body, a great amount of acidic diet such as cold drink, wine etc. and a lot of stress due to the life style decreases the pH of the body causing a lot of accumulation of the free radicals. Also, the acidity causes the body to make use of the alkaline minerals in the body to overcome the overload of acid in the body. This causes a decrease in the energy levels, acidity, fatigue and loss of immunity. Celery helps to balance that pH level and bring it to optimum so that all the body functions occur normally. Not only the blood but also the urine becomes acidic overloading the kidneys and bladder and increasing the chance of kidney stones, kidney failure and many other such kidney related problems. So, the acidic foods like meat and dairy products should be replaced with more alkaline products like celery.

7. Cure of dehydration


Celery is almost 95% water and its use prevents dehydration in all the people. The main symptoms of being dehydrated are concentrated and lower frequency of urine, dryness of skin and mucous membrane, cramps in the muscles, difficulty in passing stool. While on the other hand if the body is hydrated well the skin will glow and all the functions of the body will happen in an orderly fashion. Celery helps to hydrate the body and prevents accumulation of harmful toxins in the body.

8. The eyesight protector


Celery has good amount of vitamin A and other micro elements that help to maintain the eyesight. The abundance of antioxidants also helps to protect the eyesight from the UV radiations.

9. Protects brain functions

Celery has such compounds that are helpful in retaining the memory related function of the brain for long and thus warding off the effects of age for a longer period of time.

10. Anti cancer


The antioxidants in celery help the stalk to combat the cancer in different parts of the body making it safe. Have at least one stalk every day.

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