Tips On How Spicy Food Boosting Longevity


You will find a lot of nations and group of people who don’t like to eat spicy food. They think that it is insidious for human health but when you read this passage, you perception might change. You all might have heard about the Japanese people living up to their 90s, or even 100s, and it was somehow linked to the “not-so-spicy” food that they eat. But a recent study has revealed some astonishing new data that associates the intake of spicy diets with longevity. You will be surprised to know that according to recent study, it is good for your health to use spicy food as it will lower the possibility of early death. A full study has been conducted in order to prove the point.  Most of the people in the world have perception that using this spicy food items leads to insidious diseases but that’s not true at all. You need to get out old myths and search for new studies that prove everything with scientific reasons.

In a time-span of 7 years, the researchers conducted a study on roughly 199k male and 288k females, observing their health history, eating habits and lifestyle choices. The age of members was between 30 years to 79 years of age. None had the past case of cancer, cardio or stroke at the start of the study. The study establish that adults who had spicy food for even three to 5 days per week had a lower possibility of dying and living a life with fewer ailments when compared to those who had it for not more than a week or even less. Overall mortality rate was observed to be reduced by about 10% for those who consumed spicy food for at least 2-3 times a week. People who don’t drink alcohol seemed to have benefitted the most. Although, a concrete relationship has not yet been established between these two, but there certainly seems to be some sort of a nexus between the two. The researchers conducted this study in China with around 500,000 and observed that people who regularly had a spicy diet had a decreased risk of cancer and a healthier heart.  Of course, no one here is telling you to force-feed yourself with something like “Bhut jolokia”, but even your regular diet spiced with some fresh or dried chili peppers on a consistent basis will do the trick.

The finding was bolstered by previous experiments on animals in which mice, genetically changed not to sense the pain were healthier than other mice but also they live longer. And chili peppers are known to naturally block the feeling of pain.  According to Andrew Dillin, the lead researcher of the study, stopping this pain receptor could be significantly useful for improving the lifecycle and metabolic health, most particularly for curing the obesity and diabetes in human beings.

So, what can be the reason behind this? As mentioned earlier that the researchers have not yet found any direct connection between the two, but some theories are being given in this regard.
Capsaicin, a key element in chili powder is found to have positive effects on health. A lot of research is being done, linking it with a lesser risk of cancer, reduced gastro-intestinal problems and yes, a better heart health. The reports suggest the presence of capsaicin in chili powder as the key ingredient behind spicy foods being beneficial for the body.

Spices affect the micro-biome and the guts in a powerful way. They have been revealed to decrease the possibility of metabolic disease and diabetes even, as they aid in improving glucose homeostasis. In simple words, it helps your core ecosystem to balance out, which in turn supports your body to deal with contravention of food more efficiently and effectively. Of course mostly people are not aware of this study as they are having same perception about spicy foods as they ancestors had.

And now some good news for those fighting with obesity, spicy food has been found to prevent weight increase and help in weight loss. Eating spicy food actually decreases appetite and therefore decreases the risk of obesity which prevents several weight-related problems. Additionally, water consumption is also higher after a meal with significant chili content which ensures that you get sufficient amount of water daily. Weight loss had been associated with it in two different ways. Firstly, it ensures faster recovery from damages and makes exercising easier. The medical applications of spices are not a new concept. Turmeric, which is an integral part of the Indian cuisine, is known to have antiseptic as well as healing properties. Spicy food also speeds up your metabolism which ensures that your body’s fat-burning capacity is kicking up a mark. Immunity is one domain of our physical health which is not as much as in our control as we would want it to be. The above mentioned study also noted that eating spicy food reduces the risk of infection in women which can even cause death. Its ability to help in thwarting bacterial growth has also been found out.

One more thing that was concluded by the study was that fresh chilies are more beneficial to the health as compared to dry chilies as it contains more of capsaicin and other essential nutrients like Vitamins C, A, K and B6, and potassium. The Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences that the findings from this research might lead to “fresh dietary recommendations and development of functional foods”
So, next time you suggest Indian food for dinner and your friends vote for pizzas, you can tell them that science says spicy food will save their lives. Well, at least it’ll help them live longer and healthier. The spice of life maybe –well, just spice. Again I want to assure you, the connection between spicy food and longevity is only in people who don’t use alcohol regularly.  Spicy food is good for your health, so eat it. Good luck.


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