Tips On Best Quadcopter Buying Guide


Either you are a professional aerial videographer or it is just your hobby to capture the best videos and pictures using quad copters.  The quad copters and the helicopters are very popular at this moment and there is a lot of buzz about the sheer class and availability in different price range. It is something that makes it difficult for the buyer to make decision on which quad copter they need to invest.  There are different names for this device either you call it drone, helicopter or quad copter; you have been waiting to buy this and capture amazing scenes from parks, beaches and from aerial view.  Of course you are looking for this device for hobby not for military use so there is wide range of variety available in the market. It is important to keep in mind the manufacturer of this product is limited but there are many latest and old versions of these quad copters available in the market.  It is up to you that what kind of drone you are looking to buy. Some drones are limited to age group like for kids from 14 years and so on. But some people are looking to buy these quad copters for professional use like professional videographers.  Keeping in mind even for kids the supervision of adult is mandatory because it is dangerous for the young flyer to use alone.  You are looking for quads that are protective to pets, walls and siblings and can be less dangerous.  There are some tips that one must need to follow in order to buy best quad copters available in the market.

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1.Price of quadcopter

When it comes to quadcopters, you can find mini quads in very affordable price of dollar ten. But there will be no camera attach to it. If you are looking for quad with camera, you need to pay dollar fifty for capturing photos. The price of quad depend a lot of the functions and features you want in the quad. If you are looking for videography you need to increase the budget for this.

When you are going to spend big on the quad copters, for sure the features will be more and it will give value to your money. The quads with high in price will have long flight period. In most of the quads the flying time is about eight minutes.

2.Cameras in quadcopter

It is important to know that cameras are not installed in every drone. Since specification of each and every drone is different and if you want to have camera, you must be searching for something really high in quality. Some of the drones have cameras in it but they don’t have the ability to show live video streaming.  If you are looking for cheap cameras in drone you must go for VGA cameras but if you want high definition results than you must go for 1280×720 (720p) cameras in drone to capture aerial view.  You can only get great results in terms of quality if your drone has gimbal. It is a technology called gryo stabilizes, it ensures that your camera remains stable and flexible during flying time. These types of cameras are expensive in nature so you have to have some budget to buy this type of quadcopter.  Some of the cams in quadcopters record the video directly to the memory (SD-card) but some of them have ability to store it directly on your smartphone.  Recording direct to your smartphone is best and reliable in quality.

3.Flight and charging time of quadcopter

If you are willing to buy quadcopter for whatever purpose, it is important to know the charging time and flight time in quadcopter.  When we talk about flight time on average the fight time is around eight to ten minutes.  The charging time is about one hour on average.  It is hard to believe that most of the manufacturers are not supplying multiple batteries but of course extra batteries are required.  You must be looking for some rechargeable batteries so you need to have budget for this to buy.

4.Range of quadcopter and where you can fly

It has been notice that a lot of makers are claiming that the range of their device is about 100 meters but in most of the cases you will get range of 50 meters only. According to law, it is mandatory for you to keep your quadcopter in range of your sight every time and all the time.  To be very honest it is not easy to fly drone at home inside but you need some space to fly it outside. In cities the space of home is less and you can’t fly it in room because chances of damaging walls or hurting pets and siblings exist.  Even if you are looking to fly it in garden, space is still too limited and in the end it can crash in your neighborhood.  The best place to fly these quadcopters is to fly it in park or beach. In those areas you will not find trees where it can stick or hit anything. Moreover keep in mind that you need to select windless place if you are new because not all drone have ability to stay stable in windy conditions.

5.Spares of quadcopters

When you are looking to buy quadcopters it is important to know that you will need spares because with using this device some bits and pieces will break with the passage of time.  Most of the quads come in spare sets of rotors, clockwise and anti-clockwise and pair of spindles.  It is important for you that you must select a drone which spare parts are easily available in the market on reasonable rate. However you can find these spares on discounted price but keeping spares is must for you. One more point you need to keep in mind, you will not get brushless motor easily on discounted rate. Those having cheap motors will not last for long and has less working life.

6.Privacy policy and drone code

Before buying and flying the quadcopters it is important for you to know the rules and regulations of flying drones in country. You are solely responsible if it collided in illegal area. Moreover you need to understand that what kind of pictures you want to take as it may not breach the privacy of any other citizen.  You are not allowed to capture someone without permission so ensure whatever you shoot from aerial view, persons or location should not be identify easily.

It is important for the users to ensure that they must buy the right kind of drone available in the market. For the beginner it is important to buy simple quadcopters with H or X shape frame because of reliability and stability.  It is important to understand all the quadcopters are designed with same deign and framework.  The Blades, motors and an accelerometer, one should keep in mind that all they quadcopters are not easy to operate. Everything that goes in the air is hard to control.  The flight controller inside your computer makes it possible to make the flying process easy otherwise its impossible to control.  If you want to fly the quads around your home in limited area than investing few hundred dollars is good for you but you can even spend more but spend wisely.

7. Invest in good controller

It is important to invest in good controller because these controllers are different from your mobile as they don’t get old-fashioned swiftly.  If you are looking to buy the quadcopter for your hobby, it is important for you to invest in good controller that will last for few years. A lot of people using good controllers from last few years and I have seen them personally.

8. Good Charger

You need to spend money on charger but buy a good charger so that it can charge battery for years. Good charger like controller will last for years to come.  RTF quads will charge slow but don’t look to buy cheap chargers as they are not dependable.

There are a lot of places available where you can buy these amazing models. There are different online stores that are offering best quadcopters to customers on reasonable price. Hobby King is top online store that will deliver your quadcopter to your doorsteps.  They have got the permission to sale their own design and own manufactured products to customers. There you can find ten thousand different products on sale.

From my personal point of view, it is important for the owner or buyer of the quadcopter to be the member of drone or quadcopter forum or community online. They will get to know some important tips from the experience users as they share their reviews and suggestion online so that beginners can get help from it.  Moreover these forums are great place to ask any kind of question related to quadcopters.  Just join these forum are enhance your information on these drones.

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