Top 10 Cutest Dog Breeds In The World

We all admit that dogs are good friends of human being. They are so cute, intelligent, and so loyal to their owners. Sometimes, they need more love from us. Look how cute they are.

10. Labrador Retriever

Yellow Labrador Retriever puppies, 9 weeks old

This is dog breed commonest in American household. It have calm personality, intelligent, and lovely. Besides, it is quite gentle to humans.




They look like teddy bear and have plush, slightly curled hair. As the ancient fish hunting dog, now it is domesticated by human beings. Their character is intelligent, lively, stick to people, and the lovely appearance makes them very popular with young people.




In the book“the North that Nuuk”, it mentioned such a cute dog. Gentle, sticky,and white body domesticated hen white hair, it looks like an angel.


7.Great Pyrenees puppies


Great Pyrenees are very loved in childhood and very loyal to its owners. However, when they grew up, it is relatively large, and raising spending get increased, and thus it is not so popular.




When you see them at the first time, it feels like a small lion head with shaggy hair and a lion’s head. However, it is very smart, calm, and attract many people to raise them.





Whose ancestors are wolves, now it is completely domesticated and become into a gentle, kind, and cute dog breed.




I believe everyone knows Shunsuke, which is Japan’s most popular small dog and once became the most popular pet dog on the internet. And many netizens want to raise them.



The smallest dog breed and it is from Mexico. The name of Chihuahua is original from the state of Mexico. It is smallest but they stash the biggest personality in their tiny body, which make them appealing to many people.


2. Shih Tzu


The meaning of the name is little lion. But actually they are lovely, happy and outgoing dog breed. They love nothing but following their owners anywhere, People also start train them with dog sports and also train them for agility, rally, and obedience.


1.Toy Fox Terrier


With toy fox terrier, you will have much enjoyable time. They can serve as ratters at barn or farm, or as player in many small games. They are very intelligent and have been successfully become circus dog.

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