Top10 Most Harmful Food Additives You Should Keep Away

Food Additives

Prolong shelf life and food additives have been used for hundreds of years to improve flavor and the look of food. But do these food additives actually “add” any worth to your food? Regarding the security of these additives, several arguments have started through the years. Many states have passed laws prohibiting several additives which have been associated with neurological ...

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Egyptian Women


In the past, Egyptian women are more like a mystery. Because religious policy, exotic Egyptian women cannot show out of their original beauty. Nobody dare to defy their national rules. Since the 2011 after Egyptian revolution, women were finally allowed to vote in their country. As a result, there is now the top ten most beautiful Egyptian women list. 10.Arwa ...

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Top 10 Most Expensive Bottled Or Mineral Water


Water has accompanied human being for a long long time. And they are so essential for our life. Without water, we cannot survive in this planet. It is also so important for our health. It supports our healthy heart, energy, digestive system and so on. Water is working as a cleaning material in our bodies. And we have to also ...

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7 Reasons For The Failure To Set Goals

Failure To Set Goals

Why did you set a goal and still fail? Perhaps the failure has made you feel useless to set a goal, but is this really true? Well, you have to calm down and think about why your goal is failed? I think you probably committed some of the following errors: 1.Too many long-term, medium-term objectives Are you set too many goals, and naively hope ...

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