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Top 10 Ways to Remove Stretch Marks Fast


Stretch mark is a skin condition that results from the tearing of the layer of epidermis. It usually comes off as dried skin but soon changes it color and texture to reveal a rough hue that stays for a really long time. This is a common problem mostly during and after pregnancy. As the skin dries out a part of ...

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Top 10 Super Foods Can Reduce Belly Fat


No one wants to be overweight and look like a sack of rice. Some find it embarrassing and some find it intimidating, while mostly the majority feels ashamed. The emphasis on the physical appearance is so much that a lot of people often resort to extreme measures to just reduce that extra kilo from the tummy. Unscientific methods and crash ...

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Top 10 Benefits of Lemon Balm Tea


Falling under the mint family, the lemon balm is an herb that is very popularly used to cam and soothes the nerves. The leaf has a pleasant lemon fragrance and is graciously used in a lot of deserts including cakes, ice creams and tarts. Traditionally the oil extracted from this leaf has been used for medicinal purposes to heal the ...

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Top 10 Beauty Benefits Of Green Tea


It may have originated in China but is no more restricted to its borders only. Green tea has found it popularity all over the world. It goes through the minimal tea processing method and almost remains true and pure to its form. Its distinct greenish yellow color is what sets it apart from the others. Rich in anti-oxidants, amino acids, ...

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