Top 10 Best Used Cars Under 5000 Dollars In 2015

Nowadays, drivers love to buy great and outstanding cars, motorbikes or trucks for themselves. They do not rely on cheap brands. Plus, the global demand is for cheap cars, whether they are new or used. Here are the best used cars under 5000 dollars in 2015.



10. Ford Focus


This is, without a doubt, one of the used cars under 5000. This car has a high rating and the best specifications of this car are its durability, reliable design and great speed. Plus, it comes in a series of lovely colors.

9. Subaru Impreza WRX


This model was released in 2004. This car comes at a reasonable price if it`s used. It can run about 75.000 miles and it features a 2.0 liter “turbocharged engine” and 227 horsepower. Plus, it has a “four-wheel driving capacity” and it offers a great riding experience.

8. Honda CR-V


This is also a good car under 5000 dollars thanks to the fuel mileage of the car. It has in great colors and it offers a wonderful experience while driving.

7. Chevrolet Aveo


This is also an attractive car. Firstly released in 2005, this model has a beautiful design and great flexibility. This is definitely a “must-have vehicle”. It has, among others, a 4-cylinder and a powerful engine. It is ideal for families.

6. Mazda Miata


Another choice is this model, thanks to its specifications. This is a great deal. Originally launched in 1997, it can run for more than 100.000 miles!

5. Volvo 740 Sedan


This is a regular choice of car lovers. It has been made to resist tough rides. It has great performances and a turbocharged engine. Plus, it comes with a rear wheel drive and also with a “manual transmission system”.

4. Subaru Legacy Outback SUS


This particular model is one of the “finest used cars” that comes at this price. It is truly one of the must-have under 5000 dollars since it is quite attractive and very durable. It is actually famous for the rare design and nice running speed. It also has a “flat boxer engine”, a raised suspension and an “all-wheel drive system”. It is a great deal!

3. Volkswagen Jetta GLS TDI


This is a truly well-equipped vehicle. The round body makes it suitable for daily tasks. Plus, the car features a “fuel efficient engine” and a “five-speed manual transmission”. This car has a productive engine and it comes in various beautiful colors.

2. Acura Integra GS-R


This is truly one of the best used cars under 5000 because it is good looking and it has a responsive transmission. It comes with amazing specifications, being highly rated by car lovers. It has a spacious indoors with comfortable seats and it is also fuel-efficient. It is the best choice for long rides.

1. Hyundai Elantra


The one is a very demanding vehicle. It is gorgeous inside, has wide seats and is very spacious. Plus, it comes with a powerful engine and it has a very solid body. It also has a high capacity.

Would you like to have any of these cars?

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