Top 10 Best Bottles For Breastfed Babies Reviews

A best bottle for breastfed babies should have features of cutting off air and breast similar structure that make feeding much easier for parents.

10.Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle



Comotomo has designed this amazing bottle for breastfed babies. With this most closely mimic breastfeeding, you can easily feed your baby. Also, this bottle has a wide neck design and it is not difficult to clean inside. Other features are listed below:

100% healthy silicone used for nipple and body.

Unique dual anti vents to block air out of bottle and decrease colic.


9.Mimijumi Baby Bottle



This baby bottle comes from Mimijumi, It has a dome shaped top and make it easier to be accepted by the baby. Mimijumi also provide you two different flow rate nipples with this bottle. Like other type of bottle, this one has integrated venting to prevent colic.


8.Dr. Browns Baby Bottles Boys 6 Pack



Dr. Browns is a famous brand in baby product market by its best and unique quality. This set of bottles provide you with 3 pack 8 oz blue bottles and 3 pack 8 oz clear bottles. This bottle is designed as vacuum free feeding and thus it can prevent colic, burping,  gas and so on. This design also keep the essential vitamins from ruined during feeding. Until now, we can see that most customers are content with this product.


7.Baby With Bottle 2 Count for Formula Feeding from Infant Palace



As you can see from the image of this bottle. This one provide 2 same size bottle together and 2 handles on both sides can make your baby easily hold it. It is also very easy to clean and tidy after feeding your baby. And also this one can be a transition cup for your baby to get used to sippy cups.


6.Born Free 5 oz. BPA-Free High-Heat Resistant Classic Bottle



This highly trusted product from Born provides you multiply unique technology to make baby feeding much easier.

The flow rate is control well as the breastfeeding.

Preventing colic and gas problem of baby.

Safe material and high-heat resistant to make your sterilization healthy and easy

5 type of flow rates fulfill your different requirements.


5.Adiri NxGen Newborn Nurser Baby Bottle, Pink, 5.5 Ounce



This baby bottle from adiri use bottom vented technology to reduce the possibility of colic. It is also good choice for baby transfer from breastfeeding to bottle. Also it is BPA free and use soft medical grade silicone.


4.Lil Jumbl Hands-Free Baby Bottle Feeding System



You may feel curious about this baby bottle from the image. Yes, they do have a creative feeder design for upright feeding and thus it helps to keep colic and gas away. This design can make the intake of liquid much easier than other type of bottles. It also has exclusive design to improve flow of air and liquid.

3.The First Years 3 Pack Breastflow Bottle, 5 Ounce



This baby bottle has been surveyed by a quit and 88% of moms said their babies have less gas, colic or fussiness. You can use it feed babies with both milk and formula and with its breastfeeding similar design, your baby will get used to it very fast. Plus, with the patented inner nipple, your baby can naturally control the rate of flow as they want.


2.Medela Breast Milk Feeding Gift Set



This excellent and BPA-free bottle set is easy to use and fit for both newborn babies and older babies. It contains six 80 ml bottles to store the milk, three 5oz feeding bottles with all necessary accessories, and 20 breast milk bags with 2 connectors. I would say this is a cost-effective baby feeding bottle set you cannot find in store.


1.Tommee Tippee Bottle, 5 Ounce, 3 Count



This bottle can easy works for baby to transfer from breastfeeding to bottle. Main features for this bottle described as follows:

Creative nipple design make it similar with skin, which have both mom and baby feel easy during feeding time.

The dome shape of bottle also is similar with breast and allows baby easy to latch on.

The sensitive valve make it easy for baby to intake more milk and less air.

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