7 Tips On How To Flush Out Nicotine Out Of Your Body Naturally

Nicotine compels many people to keep smoking for one or two or even more by its powerful euphoric feeling bringing to the smokers. In addition, nicotine is addictive and you body keep craving for it over and over again. The result is smoking may cause many health problems and you feel quite hard to quit smoking. Another fact you must know is that it always take six to eight hours for your body to remove the nicotine from one cigarette. And in most cases, nicotine is eliminated through urine and they tend to store in metabolism system for 48-72 hours and its by-product cotinine  stay much longer in bloodstream by 20-30 days. Today we are going to share you with some tips to help you to flush out these harmful chemicals in your body and we highly suggest you can quit smoking as soon as possible to minimize the risks brought by nicotine and many other by-products.

7. Drinking enough water

Water is a powerful substance which can help sweat the nicotine out of your body.  And another way our flushing out nicotine is through urine. While you drinking more water, it can increase your urination and thus speed up removing nicotine process in your body.

6. Eat enough vegetables


Smoking is quite harmful for our digestive system and they can gradually destroy them. When you start dropping smoking, your digestive system need a certain time to get used to the change, and you may suffer from temporary havoc or constipation. As we all know, the bowel movement can accelerate the toxin flushing out of our body including nicotine. Many vegetables are rich in fiber, which can greatly promote digestion and help release constipation. These vegetables can be cauliflower, garden cress, broccoli, and many other leafy vegetables.

5. Ensure your sleep quality


According to scientific research, high quality sleep can accelerate the detoxification of body’s toxin, nicotine is not except. Moreover, the short sleep also suggests increased dependency on nicotine. Therefore, improving your sleep quality and habit can greatly help detoxification of nicotine.

4. Avoid sugar, alcohol or coffee


These properties are also addictive and if you just replace the nicotine by these substance, then your body will be easier triggered to light up and start craving on nicotine. Quitting multi addictions at once will release your mood and improve your daily activities.

3. Eat enough meals


Most girls who smoke want to reduce their weight and they may probably not know this is due to the the reducing of your appetite. Nicotine has the effect of increase resting metabolism which expends more energy while you resting than normal. This help losing weight but you are also losing many important nutrients and the blood sugar also start to drop, which leads to intense craving of nicotine. You have to continue to smoke to satisfy this craving instead of eating, just putting yourself into a bad cycle. Thus, if you do want to eliminate the nicotine, you should eat enough meals and stay away with the cigarettes. Then your body will start to eliminate nicotine automatically.

2. Consuming Electrolytes


Electrolytes are the important minerals for our bodies which can transport nutrients and water to our bodies and they also play a role in  fluid-balance of our cells. They are so important to remove toxin from our bodies, include nicotine. Eating enough electrolytes-rich vegetables and fruits will greatly accelerate the process of detoxification of nicotine. These vegetables and fruits include watermelon, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples and so on.

1. Sports


Many scientific research reveals that exercise can greatly reduce the desire of smoking. And the sports can also enhance your mood of happiness and reduce any uncomfortable feeling of quitting smoke. Also doing sports will accelerate detoxification by sweating.

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