7 Reasons For The Failure To Set Goals

Failure To Set Goals

Why did you set a goal and still fail? Perhaps the failure has made you feel useless to set a goal, but is this really true? Well, you have to calm down and think about why your goal is failed? I think you probably committed some of the following errors:

1.Too many long-term, medium-term objectives

Are you set too many goals, and naively hope to all of them to come true. It is not impossible, more targets mean the energy dispersion, especially when you have a lot of long-term goals and mid-term objectives.

Learning a new skill, to lose 20 kg weight and so on, which may take months to achieve our goals. If you set too many goals like that, you will be  carried away to everywhere and turned into a no purpose state. So, I suggest you just stay 2-3 long-term and medium-term target, and through separate the big goal into several smaller goals, and then  implement specific tasks each day of the week.

2.You have non clear personal goals

Why do you want to set this plan? What means to you of this plan for achieving your goal ? What is the feeling when you reach the target? If you are not clear with these questions, it indicates that this year you are not particularly eager to reach these goals.

A clear goal, even in front of difficulties and challenge, you still eager to do everything as you can to achieve it. So, you need to be very thoroughly to understand the significance of your goal that you develop. Otherwise, you will easily forget it, and will be difficult to progress.

3.Do not write them down

Want to remember and started your own goals, the best way is to write it down! Describe what your goals are, how you want to reach it. If you’ve never written down over the target, then write down your goals now.

Writing down your goal can sort your vague thoughts. Remember, clear objectives can ensure your success, and clear goals will not be easy to think with your head and fully understand. So, take the time to sit down and write it down carefully.

4.You did not see your goals every day

Humans are forgetful creatures. Even if you have written down the target, but you will forget. Remember yourself deeply, subconscious will constantly remind ourselves of the best way is to “Repeat” – every day so that you can see their goals.

You can put your goals in a place can be seen on a daily basis  such as: write in notepad, recorded through the computer reminders and so on .

5. Do not review your goals on a regular basis

I think you already know the importance of review. Periodic review can help to determine whether you toward your goal or have achieved the desired success.

Like pilots to fly a plane, you need to regularly check and correct the flight route. Periodic review can make you find the target and planned the problems, and find out the solution.

6. Only you know what the goal is

Tell someone your goal, because you need a bit of pressure. Maybe you’re afraid to make a commitment to someone else, it will be your own goal, if you tell others, that means you have to force yourself to be responsible for it.

You are likely to feel the torque, then just tell to your relatives and friends. To ensure that the goal must be completed, you can let them monitor you. If you still care about your excellent image in their mind, then quickly execute your target.

7.Get the support from others

Two heads are better, to obtain the target does not mean you’re a loner. Instead, you need family and friends to give you support.

For example: If you intend to lose weight, but your family could eat fast food every day, which will not help you; if you want to train to get up early bed, but your roommates sleep late every day, you’d better talk with them about your goals, asking them to give you so support, either mentally or materially.

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