6 Things To Do One Hour Before Bedtime To Leave Insomnia


One hour before going to bed, what are you usually doing? Indulge in a TV series, or still holding the phone check around the whole internet? Or Lie in bed early to brew drowsiness. In fact, sleep is a technology thing, what to do in one hour before going to bed, directly related to whether or not you can sleep through the night until morning of second day. In addition to wash, one hour before going to bed, you can do several things which you will benefit from.

6.Close electronic products.

Many people like to play phone before going to bed on the micro blogging. Research shows that before bedtime, people who play phone, tablet PCs and other electronic products will have a 22% reduction of melatonin secretion. Melatonin can reduce the confusion caused by the clock. Therefore, one hour before going to bed, you should first turn electronic product off. If possible, it is best to get rid of electric appliances in your bedroom, especially television, computers and other machines can release electromagnetic waves, otherwise they will affect your sleep.

5.Make A Plan For Second Day

Many people will think what they will do tomorrow before going to sleep, leading to their anxiety, and they are lack of adequate mental relaxation, thus a good sleep will automatic detour. Therefore, it is recommended to make a simple planning of the things you should do second day on your note before going to bed, then you can sleep without anything to bother.

4.Prepare the wearing clothes for second day

Many people after going to bed repeatedly ponder what to wear the next day, thus it will affect sleep. Others open eyes in the morning and they find they do not know what to wear, resulting in his or her own tangled. And if you open the closet every day before going to bed, use plenty of time to do “planning” for their next day’s clothes, you will not only sleep in peace, but also save a lot of unnecessary tangle.

3.Wash feet with warm water.

A large number of studies confirm that washing feet can help sleep. This is because the warm water can accelerate blood circulation of foot, so that more blood flow to the lower extremities of the peripheral blood vessels, and the relative reduction of cerebral blood flow, which gives rise to a sense of sleepiness. In addition, since many nerve endings on the soles of the feet and the brain are closely linked, warm foot bath will cause thermal stimulation of peripheral nerves, which may help inhibition of the cerebral cortex and makes people feel comfortable, relaxed, thus speeding up the sleep. It is worth noting that the right water temperature is around 40 ℃.

2.Listen to soft music.

When the ear receives regular rhythm of the music, the ear will transmit it to the brain, then brain wave frequency will follow pace and start mutual stimulation. The interaction of the body and the brain will relax your mind and replace tight thoughts.

1.Create a dark environment for sleep.

Studies have shown that in a completely dark environment for sleep, can have an impact on the secretion of melatonin, so as to enhance the quality of sleep, improve mood and enhance vitality. Studies have shown that even the dark night light can interfere with sleep quality. Therefore, you should turn off the night light before going to bed, close the curtains to create for yourself a nature “dark sleep.”

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