6 Cancer Signals Most Likely To Be Ignored For Women


For each individual, cancer is daunting. Usually we hear the risk of male cancer is relatively higher, but in fact it is more dangerous for female cancer than male, because women are more sensitive than men, so once you have any symptoms, you must promptly go to the hospital to check the body. Which signals of cancer are most likely to ignore for daily lives of women?

Recently “Web MD” published an article, discipline director and clinical geneticist of Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia , Mary Daly remind women, once there are several following symptoms in your life, we must be careful because these signals may be indicating cancer.

1. Unexplained weight loss

If you never planned diet or did a lot of exercise before,  then the  baffling weight loss means some risks of cancer, especially within a month, the weight was reduced by more than 4.5 kg and it is necessary to see a doctor. However, hyperthyroidism is a common disease of women, which can also causes weight loss, Still you have to pay attention to weight loss in case cancer happened.

2. Bloating

Women’s bloating is common and many people are easily to ignore it, but sometimes it may be the symptom of ovarian cancer. Besides, there are also symptoms like lower abdominal or pelvic pain happen and easy to be full while eating, frequent urination or urgency and other issues. If the bloating occurs daily for several weeks without remission, you should go to hospital for an examination.

3. Breast changes

Once breast appear some red phenomenon, there may be hidden a signal that this is a rare but rapidly developing breast cancer – inflammatory breast cancer. According to the Washington University School of Medicine oncologist Hanna Linden pointed out,  that once the rash appears on the breast and it is not disappeared within a few weeks, then you should pay attention to it and it is better to go to hospital for medical treatment. In particular, when nipple retraction and discharge, you must go to hospital for examination.

4.Non-menstrual bleeding or other abnormal bleeding

If your menstruation has been always very regular, but it happens with non-menstrual bleeding, then you must go to do inspection. Vaginal bleeding after menopause need more attention, because it may be a symptom of endometrial cancer.


With increasing age, women often complain of physical painin their bodies. Some of them are very specific, while others are difficult to describe. However, for longer duration and those indescribable pain, you need to be more vigilant.


Many women still remember that they gain weight when they are pregnant and often have dyspeptic symptoms,therefore, it is easy to ignore this problem. Persistent indigestion may be the symptoms of esophagus, throat or stomach cancer, and thus you must take close attention on this signal.

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